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Colors to Look Out for This Spring

Colors to Look Out for This Spring

Featured: Lauren Midi Dress

Springtime is finally upon us, and it’s time to switch your wardrobe around. 

Studies show that spending too much time indoors affects our overall health. Factors such as irritability, prolonged sleep disturbance, and feeling unmotivated are some examples. Luckily, things are looking up, and after gravitating towards our comfiest loungewear and living in pajamas for over a year, it’s time to up the ante and freshen our wardrobes up. 

If there’s a season that represents new beginnings, it’s spring. Synonymous to art’s Renaissance period, it’s a time of change and fresh starts. When it comes to clothing, we could all use a pick-me-up. Follow along and discover the colors you can incorporate into your wardrobe.

1. Color and Print Blocking

Fleur Midi Dress

Featured: Fleur Midi Dress

You can find your style through experimenting with different methods. Two of which are color-blocking and playing around with prints. A way you can incorporate colors from opposite ends of the spectrum to create a variety of looks. It's as easy as adding solid blocks of blue and orange or reds and pinks, but you can also opt to pair a heavily printed dress with boots.

Vintage Floral PeasantMoroccan Wrap Dress

Featured: Vintage Floral Peasant and Moroccan Wrap Dress


 The color-blocking method is proof that you can juxtapose pieces to create your style and aesthetic. Fashion should be fun, and going against trends is perfectly fine. Be yourself and wear whatever your heart desires!

Pick a focal color, such as black, brown, or red, then work your way up and build something off of that. Pairing the Fleur Midi Dress with a pair of black boots shows that girlier pieces such as dresses can be edgy when worn with a unisex item. You can also spice up the look by wearing a pair of black sunnies.

Using a printed clothing piece as the look’s focal point is another interesting take on the color-blocking method. These outfits featuring the earthy-toned Vintage Floral Peasant Dress and Moroccan Wrap Dress show that bohemian and comfort can meet somewhere in the middle.

2. Bold Red

Lauren Midi Dress

Featured: Lauren Midi Dress 

Commonly associated with energy, prosperity, and success is the color red. Exuding warmth and positivity, it looks great on everyone and helps us get noticed when out and about. Being a vibrant color, we highly recommend basing your entire look off of it. One example could be using this elegant Lauren Midi Dress as a focal point and pairing it with  light-colored shoes and accessories. However, you can also opt for an all-red ensemble too.

3. Vibrant Orange

Classic Shirt Dress

Featured: Classic Shirt Dress

Orange is a color associated with friendliness and creativity, and those who wear it give off a positive vibe. It’s also exciting to work with and perfect if you want to inject a pop of color into your look without being too bold.

Linen Mini Dress Sophia Shirt Dress

Featured: Linen Mini Dress and Sophia Shirt Dress

Reminiscent of burnt orange, rusty ginger is a shade that looks beautiful on all skin tones. Whether you are fair-skinned or have an olive complexion, injecting this color into your wardrobe will be a piece of cake. 

Foolproof is this soft and flowy rayon Classic Shirt Dress. Versatile, it can be worn at home or on a night out with the girls. Other options, especially if you live in a warmer climate, are the Linen Mini Dress and the Sophia Shirt Dress. If you want to go all out, match your lips and cheeks to either dress when you’re out and about. It’s a great way to bring a look together.

4. Pearly Whites

Linen Romper

Featured:  Linen Romper 

Bid your darker clothing pieces adieu - it’s time to spice up your life. As versatile and visually stunning as its black counterpart is the color white. Fresh, it’s perfect for the hotter days to come and looks good with anything and everything. From your denim shorts to a neon mini skirt, you’ll never run out of styling ideas.

 Linen Midi DressRuffled Wrap Dress

Featured: Linen Midi Dress and Ruffled Wrap Dress

Choosing something to wear can be painstaking at times, and like you, we sometimes find ourselves picking something random and instantly call it a day. However, fashion expresses who we are and who wants to be known for being lazy? We know we don’t!

If you find yourselves on the same boat, take this as a sign to sport a romper. This easy-going and relaxed clothing piece can be worn as a stand-alone outfit or paired with a casual button-down. One of our favorites is the Linen Romper. The best of both worlds, it’s the epitome of classy and put-together while being slouchy enough to move around in.

Dresses are a great alternative if you’re after something as relaxed and breathable. Go for the Linen Midi Dress if you’ve got lunch plans with your girls or the Ruffled Wrap Dress for an intimate night out with your partner. Swap the heels for some slip-ons or gladiator sandals and you’re good to go!

5. Neutrals

Elegant Maxi Dress

Featured: Elegant Maxi Dress

Neutrals can serve as a gateway for women who want to be more fashion-forward. Colors such as ivory, beige, oatmeal, and olive are versatile and can be mixed and matched with an array of tones and hues. Whether they're worn together or with darker pieces, it gives you a chance to experiment with pieces you already own.

Roma Top and Florence Shorts

Featured: Roma Top and Florence Shorts

The  Elegant Maxi Dress can be worn no matter where you’re going and what you’re doing, be it just lounging at home or while out running errands. Being a neutral green, it can go with an array of colors and compliments all skin tones. Styling-wise, keep this as your outfit’s focal point and opt to accessorize with a bag and pair of shoes on the neutral side. Oatmeal and ivory are beautiful options.

A top and trouser combo looks just as beautiful, too. We recommend the Roma Top and Florence Shorts because of the comfortable fit and light material. On the lighter side, you can pair this outfit with a more solid-colored shoe (think black or dark brown) and a somewhat darker bag for a more balanced look.

We Love New Beginnings

The springtime serves as a reminder that new beginnings come after dark periods. It occurs after the wintertime, after all. Celebrate this new beginning by incorporating colors you normally wouldn’t gravitate towards into your wardrobe. Be open to reinvention and have fun experimenting!