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What Is Minimalism and How Do We Start Incorporating This Into Our Personal Clothing Style

What Is Minimalism and How Do We Start Incorporating This Into Our Personal Clothing Style

The perfect white tee, the ideal pair of denim, the classic blazer…we’re all already familiar with the essential pieces every woman must have in her closet. Trends may come and go—and then come back around again—but these items are constant mainstays.

Once in a while, though, that list of must-haves needs some updating. The question is, how do we update it for the better?

The past few months also reminded us that a big part of enjoying fashion is dressing up primarily for ourselves. Our own pleasure and individuality must hold more importance than other people’s opinions. After a year of mostly staying at home, we’ve hopefully become our own trusted audience—sometimes critical, but more often than not appreciative.  

So in adding some “new” basics to our wardrobe, personal comfort is the utmost criterium. Do they make us feel good and empowered? Do they feel supportive of our personalities and characters? Do they make us feel excited about getting dressed up—even when there’s no one around to see our outfits? Are they versatile enough to be worn on different occasions? Can they be worn at home and out in the world with equal ease? Are they worth the investment?

Different people will use different metrics to answer these questions, naturally. Taste is subjective, after all. And it’s what makes the fashion scene exciting. But no matter the differences in style and preference, some standards apply across the board: the quality of the materials, the craftsmanship involved, and the sustainability of the production process.

Our suggestions for new and elevated basics meet all three. Aura pieces are all handmade in Bali by skilled artisans using sustainably sourced fabrics. Designed with the modern woman in mind, they balance feminine appeal with clean lines and silhouettes, transcending seasons and occasions. 

As we constantly curate the contents of our closets, it’s best to be more mindful of what we add to them. We hope these items make it to your all-time must-wear list. 

  • The linen dress 

  • A linen dress may immediately conjure summer days, but this classic piece can be worn any time of the year. A breathable and durable fabric, linen has a texture that keeps it looking fresh. Interpreted as a mid-length dress that hangs straight down on the body, it creates clean lines that are refreshing to the eyes. Aura’s version comes with thin straps and a square neckline that show off the collarbones in a flattering manner. Its side slits also allow for more dynamic movement. Available in soothing hues of oat, olive, and burnt orange, it’s a dress that can be worn anywhere at any time, whether with flats, strappy sandals, and even sneakers. Just throw on a cardigan on top for chilly occasions.

  • The wide-legged pants

  • Gen Z kids may be picking a fight with millennials over what the superior pants style is, but an astute observer of fashion would know better than to engage. While baggy pants and skinny jeans are fun to wear, neither of them has the longevity that wide-legged pants offer to their wearers. When crafted well, they help create the illusion of a womanly shape, especially when there’s a gentle flare from the waist- and hipline to the legs. These Monaco pants, in particular, come with a hidden elastic waistband for ultimate comfort. Made with 100% linen, it’s a pair that’s easy to wear throughout the day. Wear it with boxy cropped tops, body-skimming blouses, with a chic bolero, or a voluminous trench coat...the possibilities are endless.

  • The wrap dress

  • When you just want to look sweet and feminine but don’t have the time to labor over an outfit, a wrap dress is your best bet. It’s universally flattering, not to mention so easy to put on. Made of rayon, the Fleur mini wrap dress is especially soft and comfortable. Its wavy cap sleeves and asymmetrical hem are updated details on a classic silhouette, and its floral print hits the right note of daintiness. It will make for a great cocktail outfit with heels and a resort dress with sandals. In the meantime, you can put it on for Zoom parties.


  • The button-down shirt

  • What adult doesn’t have a button-down shirt in their closet? It looks great in an office setting, and when worn with pants and a blazer, it can make anyone look dapper. It’s fantastic in a casual environment when you need to be comfortable and look chic simultaneously. And, it can be dressed up to fit formal and dressier situations when the invite says polished

    But our 100% cotton Cannes shirt doesn’t even need a fancy pantsuit to make you look put-together. The angles created by its point collar and the seams of its yoke already evoke a smart appeal. Balancing them with some softness are the puffed sleeves and extra-long cuffs. Mother-of-pearl shell buttons add a sophisticated touch. It’s an elegant piece that can be paired with pants (we suggest a pair of Monaco), shorts, or a skirt. Finish the look with anything from lace-up flats, blocked heels, and metallic stilettos. 

  • The house set

  • A year of socializing through Zoom has taught us all the importance of comfortable but still presentable loungewear. Pajama sets have been popular in the past few years, but the sleep-friendly look may not be for everyone still. Enter Aura’s all-linen house set. The top’s boxy structure looks crisp and clean, though its drop-shoulder seams keep it from looking stiff. Its matching slightly baggy bottoms, meanwhile, are conducive to lounging. Wear them together for all-day comfort, but you can also pair the top with your favorite pair of jeans when you do your weekly grocery runs. 

    Elevated Essentials 

    Basics don’t need to be, well, basic. Up the ante by selecting different textures, trying out a new fabric type, or going for unique cuts and silhouettes. With these essentials, you’ll never have those “I have nothing to wear” moments anymore. 

    Discover our chic linen sets here.