Here’s How to Properly Care for Your Linen Pieces

Grace Top and Shorts

When it comes to dressing up in our fave outfits, we must keep in mind that proper clothing care is definitely just as important as looking good in them. After all, investing in the right pieces means we also have to ensure that we can wear them for the long haul to get a worthwhile return on our wardrobe investment.

Roma Top and the Monaco Pants in Black

Featured: Roma Top and the Monaco Pants in Black

Linen is a material that most would find more complex than cotton but definitely lower in terms of maintenance than other plush fabrics such as velvet or silk. But, the attraction to linen is pretty straightforward—we love it because it’s comfortable and perfect to wear during spring and summer when the weather calls for lighter and more breathable fabrics.

A woven fabric made of flax plant fibers, linen is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly textiles available in the market. It breathes well and is cool to the touch. Hence, the reason why we see linen outfits come out the most when temperatures start to rise. It’s definitely a summer essential—whether you’re out and about with the girls over sunset cocktails or bringing it along with you to those tropical getaways. 

At Aura, our linen pieces are ethically sourced from Bali. These items are of high quality, making them perfect as mainstays in your closet.

Cannes Shirt in White and Florence Shorts in Sage

Featured: Cannes Shirt in White and Florence Shorts in Sage

How do we properly care for our linen wear? Here are ten ways to do it:

  1. Treat them delicately

Milan Wrap Top and Monaco Pants in TuscanSavannah Top and Pants

Featured: Milan Wrap Top and Monaco Pants in Tuscan; Savannah Top and Pants

As much as possible, handwashing in lukewarm water is always best for linen. If you must place it in the washer, keep it on the delicate cycle with a light and loose load, so it moves around the tub without too much squeezing or stretching in between cycles. Machines tend to be a little rough and might destroy the textile. This process helps preserve the fiber and even makes it better over time. 

Also, linen does shrink, so if you can, opt for pre-shrunk or pre-washed pieces. f you score one that’s not, chances are, it might shrink no matter the temperature you wash it in.

2. Don’t wring them

Relaxed Crop Shirt in White and Edith Shorts Relaxed Crop Shirt in Black and Tailored Linen Shorts

Featured: Relaxed Crop Shirt in White and Edith Shorts; Relaxed Crop Shirt in Black and Tailored Linen Shorts

We already know that linen fabrics can easily crease and wrinkle—which is why you must remember not to wring, scrub, or twist them in any way. Instead, roll it inside a towel to get rid of excess water right after washing, and be kind to your garment, as it doesn’t fare well with roughhousing.

3. Go easy on the bleach

Linen RomperLinen Romper

Linen Romper

Harsh chemicals are a no-go for linen, so try avoiding those strong detergents. As for bleach, using this is safe and better for white-colored linen wear, but take note that over-bleaching might turn that garment yellow.

4. Eliminate stains early on

The Roma Top and Monaco Pants in White

Featured: The Roma Top and Monaco Pants in White

Accidental stains are inevitable, and if it does happen, try washing it off, stat. If you’re still out, try dampening the spot with water to get rid of as many stains on it as possible before washing. Remember to not scrub them too hard!

5. Yes, you can dry clean—but check the label.

 Linen Mini Dress; Willow Mini Dress

Featured: Linen Mini Dress; Willow Mini Dress

Dry cleaning should be safe but always check the label beforehand. Some linen items are more sensitive than others. Some may come with a ‘No-Dry Clean’ icon on the care label, so it’s always best to follow the manufacturer’s care recommendation as much as possible.

Normally, heavier linen pieces such as fully lined blazers and coats are safe at the dry cleaners, but again, check the tag prior.

6. Avoid the dryer

 The Linen Oversized House SetThe Milan Wrap Top and Florence Shorts in White

As seen here: The Linen Oversized House Set; The Milan Wrap Top and Florence Shorts in White

It’s always better to air-dry these pieces or by laying them flat. Throwing it in the dryer might ruin the fiber, and the heat might even shrink it a little bit. If you must, tumble dry on the lowest set temperature or quickest setting and take it out while it’s still a little damp.

7. Iron at the proper setting

If your iron has a linen feature, use it. But remember to try and avoid placing direct heat straight onto the fabric. High heat helps beat the wrinkles, but it’s safer to add a piece of cloth on top of the linen piece to give it a gentle go before proceeding to iron the full clothing item. 

If you want to take the safer route, opt for a garment steamer instead. This way, there will be less risk of burning anything, and you can control it better.

8. Don’t fold them as much as possible

The Roma Top and Florence Shorts in TuscanWillow Mini Dress in Black

Featured: The Roma Top and Florence Shorts in Tuscan; Willow Mini Dress in Black

If you plan to store those precious linen outfits, try to avoid folding them as much as you can. Placing your linen purchases in a garment bag should help keep them safe in transit, or use hard suitcases if you’re traveling. Don’t overpack your luggage because tightness leads to wrinkles! 

Duffel bags are also recommended due to the constant movement inside. Packed clothing tends to get pushed around when you shove it in the trunk or if the suitcases are thrown into the cargo bay, which is almost always the case. This leads to a truly creased piece when you arrive at your destination.

If you’re traveling, try unpacking your linen wear as soon as possible so you can minimize the creases it would most likely incur during the commute.

9. Stay away from hangers or clips

The Roma Top and Monaco Pants in OatmealThe Milan Top and Roma Pants in Sage

Featured: The Roma Top and Monaco Pants in Oatmeal; The Milan Top and Roma Pants in Sage

Like sweaters, placing your linen items on a hanger, especially when they’re wet, might ruin the garment’s shape. Clips will also generate those unsightly marks, so it’s always best to avoid these in order to keep the original form of your item. 

Caring for linens

Linens can be a tricky fabric, but they’re one of the best things you can add to your wardrobe. Not only are they stylishly versatile, but they also look better the more you wear them, for as long as you put in the effort to keep them that way.

Check out our Linen Sets to create the ultimate Spring/Summer wardrobe.

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