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Separates that Work Together and On Their Own

Separates that Work Together and On Their Own

Will anyone dares to disagree if we say that separates are the ultimate easy and comfortable ready-to-wear pieces? Separates need not be treated as fashion stress but as a haven to several fashion opportunities. You can mix and match by playing with textures, colors, and styles. Or you can wear them as is; it doesn’t matter.

Having good sets of separates in your closet means having good pieces to layer with, dress up or dress down that can fit together perfectly. And since separates are considered fashion basics, most of them do not go out of style.

Aura The Label has a number of good separates that you can choose from. You can find good quality pieces and pairings that you can wear together or separately.

1. Your Classic B&W

Roma Top and Florence Shorts in BlackMilan Top and Florence Shorts in Off-White

Featured: Roma Top and Florence Shorts in Black, Milan Top and Florence Shorts in Off-White

The timeless non-color palettes always look modern and edgy. It’s the easiest formula for a put-together look. There’s always a zero chance you will mess up this look. Most of the time, white-on-top, black-on-bottom ensembles strike both sophistication and class. Nowadays, an array of captivating shapes, cuts, and textures have us looking at the black and white separates in a whole new light.

The classic blacks and whites combinations bring out the best contrasts. Additionally, you can also easily mix and match them with any other colored separate any way you want them. These colors can fit well with almost anything.

The elegant high-waisted Florence Short in Black and White can be easily paired either with Roma Top in Black or Milan Top in Off-White. This pair of shorts is a relaxed fit with the stunning mother-of-pearl button detailing and comfortable hidden elastic waistband. The tops and shorts are consciously crafted from the highest quality 100% linen. Finally, all pieces can be versatile additions to your sustainable wardrobe as well.

2. Tonal Separates

Milan Top and Monaco Pants in TuscanMilan Top and Monaco Pants in Sage

Featured: Milan Top and Monaco Pants in Tuscan, Milan Top and Monaco Pants in Sage

From non-color to colored palettes, one of yet another simplest ways in mastering the use of separates is having tailored fit ones in neutral colors. The monochromatic dressing gives off a high impact of sleekness and cleverness. You should not be afraid of mixing and matching or layering separates of the same hues.

The Milan Top is a timeless design. The stunning wrap-style halter neckline, tie-front detail, and 100% cotton lining can be excellently paired with the Monaco Pants. The Monaco Pants is one of Aura’s wide-legged pants that are perfectly chic everyday style. Both the Milan Top and Monaco Pants come in Tuscan and Sage colors.

3. Relaxed Silhouettes

Luxury Wrap Cardigan and Knit Pants Satin Wide Leg Pant

Featured: Luxury Wrap Cardigan and Knit Pants, Satin Wide Leg Pant

Soft, luxurious, and extra cozy…Welcome to the new era of loungewear styling! If you can look posh and fiery while wearing comfortable separates, why not? In the past year that we are confined at the safety of our homes, relaxed silhouettes have become a direct fashion testament to the current mood surrounding that we are in.


Our Luxury Knit Pants are fashioned from 100% luxurious mohair, giving that extra softness to the touch. It makes for an elevated indoor look and pairs nicely with our Luxury Wrap Cardigan or any top of your choice. The wide-legged shape brings the relaxed silhouette game to a whole new level.

One can go from professional to casual in a second with the Satin Wide Leg Pant. Universally flattering, this piece is ideal for women of all shapes and sizes. Hassle-free and flexible, its elastic waist is a comfortability feature too. One can wear this with a tank top or our Relaxed Crop Shirt. Anything goes, really.

The wide-leg pants are the kinds of separates designed for women who like to make a statement everywhere they go.

4. Oversized Silhouettes

Pearl Linen Top and Loose Linen House PantsLinen Oversized House Set

Featured: Pearl Linen Top and Loose Linen House Pants, Linen Oversized House Set

Now that comfort and practicality are at the forefront of fashion, experts claim oversized outfits will be the go-to fashion trends post-covid season. OUT with seasons of form-fitting shirts and super-skinny jeans and IN with loose-fitting silhouettes, nonchalant fits, and oversized pieces. It is obvious people nowadays prefer easy silhouettes over body-hugging ensembles. 

Our Linen Oversized House Set is perfect for some languid lounging. Thetop-and-shorts pairing is comfortably roomy but still has a structure that creates clean and crisp lines. The shirt’s boxy silhouette is complemented by the slightly baggy cut of the bottoms.

Alternately the Pearl Linen Top is a more relaxed option as it took house dressing to new heights. It has an easy, loose shape, making it perfect for slow mornings at home. It features a slightly cropped hem, V neckline, cap sleeves and is crafted from luxury cotton and linen blend fabric. This can be paired with the equally comfortable Loose Linen House Pants or any loose pants you have in your closet.

5. Shirts

Cannes ShirtOversized Shirt

Featured: Cannes Shirt, Oversized Shirt

No doubt, there is something so sensual about rocking a man’s shirt or jacket. Your brother’s/boyfriend’s/dad’s shirt is your best bet as a comfortable separate to wear. It’s best for layering different outfits and can help boost or accentuate non-striking pieces.

Men’s shirts are so versatile and comfortable that you can wear them as is or pair them with your favorite bottoms. The options are endless. You can go for pristine colors like white or blue, or black and pair it with jeans, a skirt, or even a dress.

The timeless Cannes Shirt in White features a stunning sleeve detailing mother of pearl shell buttons. It’s a sustainable top that you can wear buttoned up, knotted, or loose as a cover-up. While basic, there’s nothing chic-er than our relaxed Oversized Shirt. A cool and casual oversized piece made with pure cotton, this shirt offers minimal effort and maximum comfort style. Wearing this outside, it feels as if you never left your bedroom in a good, effortless, and stylish way. Ideal for chic and fashion-forward women who are not afraid to embrace a bit of a room.