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Seeing women’s boho pants appear in the most discerning fashion settings is living proof that comfy can be chic.

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Gone are the days when stylish ensembles for women meant having to deal with some form of discomfort for the sake of sporting a trend. Thankfully, with recent trends in slouchy dressing, casual boho pants have not only become staples on runways and in couture collections but also in many street-style fashion moments.

The Fusion of Style and Comfort

Bohemian pants are among the most perfect intersections of looking and feeling good. Boho palazzo pants, or bohemian harem pants, as they’re sometimes called, were created for ease of movement while preserving the figure-flattering shapes of well-tailored clothes. Think back to the days of peace, love, and freedom in the 70s when boho hippie pants dominated both mainstream society and high-fashion circles.

The women at the time were on-the-go and unstoppable at making waves in various fields. It followed that their preferences leaned towards a balance between style and comfort. They needed clothes that allowed them literal and figurative freedom, but look well put-together at the same time.

Today, the modern woman continues to enjoy this style of pants. To cater to them, Aura offers different bottom styles一from mid- and high-waist, to those with thick waistbands and drawstrings, to styles with wide legs that fall straight and designs that flare out into an A-line.

The neutral pieces are underscored by the effortless elegance of their unrestrictive silhouettes that may even be styled with cuffed hems. These pairs are made of light and cool linen, cotton, and viscose fabrics.

Where and How to Wear Them

These days, it’s easy to spot this style in different places, given their versatility and universally-flattering qualities. When done in heavier fabrics and toned-down hues, boho palazzo pants make an updated corporate and professional look. Worn with a dressy crop top or bralette, what women get are instant boho beach pants made for the summer or for formal day events. By simply tucking in a T-shirt or a chunky sweater, this pair of pants makes for an effortless off-duty look.

And don’t think that bohemian harem pants are just for the tall and svelte either. Petite women with round body shapes are welcome to rock these pants; what’s important is to choose which styles and details suit them best (e.g.: choosing full length pants over cropped styles, flowy versus stiff fabrics, vertical over horizontal or large prints). Everyone is welcome to do a quick OOTD search with the keywords “boho pants womens” for inspiration. It’s a style that doesn’t discriminate and has stayed true to its spirit of women empowerment over the years.

No matter what your aesthetic is, a good pair of pants deserve a spot in your closet. With this style’s popularity and how much you’ll love your time in these pants, don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting more than just one pair.