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Jackets & Blazers

There are good outfits, and then there are great ones. Long-time lovers of fashion know how to achieve the latter with ease.

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They top things off with a piece that ties a look together, especially one that adheres to a theme, or incorporates several elements that need to flow cohesively. The not-so-secret secret behind this style hack? Grow your collection of boho jackets and coats.

The creative use of outerwear is a classic move mastered by fashionistas to elevate any and all outfits. There’s an art in styling with jackets, and it’s an uncomplicated way to add depth via layering; it weaves a statement piece into a basic ensemble, and keeps one warm without looking drab. It is for these reasons that the women’s boho jacket has endured endless cycles of outerwear trends and remained a must-have.

Key Pieces for Layering

Looking put-together doesn’t always require a woman to pour in hours into an OOTD. When she has the right things in her closet一with key pieces like jackets and blazers at the ready一dressing up becomes easier.

Think of Aura’s trans-seasonal coats and kimonos that were intentionally made with breathable linen. Though loose-fitting and lightweight, both designs maintain their shape and look sophisticated from day to night.

For women who spend a lot of time in professional settings, the boho blazer and jacket were tailored for them. Gone are the days when these pieces were only distinctive of the men’s style. Aura’s single-breasted versions are unabashedly feminine; workwear meets freestyle boho in old rose and dusty green pieces. These are made even more fashionable with the addition of three mother-of-pearl buttons that add pops of sheen to a vintage matte look.

With their ankle-kissing lengths, Aura’s boho kimono cover-ups, available in black and khaki, can also elevate a basic ensemble in a jiffy.

Smart Casual Style

Aura’s interpretation of the hippie bohemian jacket easily makes any outfit striking. To get the most of its style power, play around with its the versatility. Discover how to make a piece your very own.

Experiment with leaving a boho jacket or blazer open and folding its sleeves to quarter length to reveal a pretty cotton lining. Alternatively, button it up and pair with trousers for a sleeker look. Wear it with a collared shirt for the office, or a deep V-neck tank top during a weekend stroll.

Let your creativity shine when donning any of these outfit finishers, and see how it feels when worn with a dress, shorts, or loose pants. Use its front-tie bow or let it hang freely.

Aura’s collection proves that neutrals and subdued shades don’t fade into the background but can make you stand out. In the end, there’s only one thing to remember when incorporating a boho coat into your outfit—anything goes in a bohemian world where self-expression is the ultimate style rule.