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Just like the fashionable pieces she wears, there is always more than meets the eye when it comes to a woman. People that surround her might set their eyes first on her face and her shoulders’ graceful slopes, but more fashionably discerning ones will also notice her choice of clothing.

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She can make a statement with her boho style tops and stand out effortlessly. She knows how to invite the right kind of attention with clothes that bring her femininity to the forefront.

There’s no question about what a boho blouse’s role is in the stylish woman’s wardrobe. These tops continue to be a fashionista’s go-to instrument in creating outfits that are simple yet dressy, understated yet elegant.

Spotlight on Subdued Sophistication

Arriving at the scene in their most updated version, today’s boho tops for women have matured with quiet sophistication. Busy patterns, colors, and cuts take a bow to make way for more subdued styles to take their turn in the spotlight.

Aura leads this shift in style with their trove of bohemian women’s tops characterized by solid colors, flattering silhouettes, and infallible prints. With their wearability, their boho shirts stand the test of time, contributing another chapter to an enduring history for bohemian style and the women who love it.

Focus on Shapes and Forms

The very word “boho” suggests freedom of choice. It talks about making your own rules—or even breaking existing ones—in the world of fashion. The Aura woman is adept at both, having a creative sensibility that breathes new life into a well-loved style, no matter how she chooses to wear it.

She confidently sports Aura’s version of the no-fail square neckline that draws attention to the collarbone, as seen in many of its boho summer tops. Other tops have a square silhouette with a high neckline, as well as a curved v-neck, all made with breathability and ease of movement in mind.

On other days, you might find her donning totally different looks with boho tunic tops that give the illusion of longer legs and incorporate elements of the classic button-down. Boho tunics exude a naturally posh vibe ideal for relaxed getaways.

On nights out, she might opt for sexy backless halters made with a waist-hugging front-tie ribbon. Finally, there are tops that echo recognizable vintage style with their full-length cuffed sleeves, playful eyelet ruffles, garterized details, and prints inspired by organic objects.

Day-to-Night Staples

These bohemian tops are widely versatile and go equally well with existing pieces in a wardrobe. Wear it with a pair of shorts for a casual stroll or roomy trousers for the office. Accessorizing with metallic accessories and strappy shoes can also bring out the best in these closet staples by Aura.

In all these cases, it’s plain to see that these women’s boho tops can easily cross over from casual to dressed-up. There’s a piece for every setting, ultimately cementing Aura’s place in the boho-loving woman’s closet.