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Best Selling Jumpsuits

Fashion is ultimately always a story. Every piece is a repository of events and shifts that have informed the way it was put together and why it even exists in the first place.

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There’s no better example than this other than women’s boho jumpsuits.

When you see jumpsuits in stores or modeled by A-listers, it’s easy to assume that it’s simply a stylishly laidback piece. Then you learn that their predecessors were first made for parachute-jumpers who dared to defy the laws of physics just as humankind was perfecting the art and science of flight.

Every time a woman dons her favorite jumpsuit, she essentially tells the world that she embodies this daring spirit and lives for the sense of adventure sought by thrill-seekers of days gone by. Boho chic jumpsuits that fit her to a tee send the message that she is brave and ready to take the leap into an exciting future.

More Than Utility

The jumpsuit passed through the more feminine lens of fashion to become the boho jumpsuit women recognize it as today. Starting off as a piece that promoted utility and safety, the original jumpsuit was hardy and stiff. Detailing was limited to useful pockets, practical clasps and buttons, and colors bordered on drab as they needed to shield wearers against dust, dirt, and grime.

Aura offers modernized jumpsuits presented in chic alternatives to army greens and uniform beiges. We offer solid earth tones of sand, coral, sage, and charcoal with simple square necklines, deep backs, and strappy details to stand out. The new designs are soft to the touch and flow freely, allowing women’s curves to breathe.

Aura’s jumpsuits are made from fabrics like the dressy rayon, cool linen, and the perfect combination of linen and cotton. Straightforward and fuss-free, these pieces are ideal for lounging and day strolling, but can also be dressed up for resort holidays and warm nights out.

Easy Does It

More than the finer details of the apparel, the fact that the bohemian romper was then made for women asserted that their power was growing. What was once exclusively a man’s suit worn for a man’s job was given a for-her counterpart that was versatile and non-limiting. Boho style jumpsuits were a landmark in women’s fashion, and later gave birth to a shorter version that’s easy to wear and made for an on-the-go lifestyle.

Aura’s take on the boho romper focuses on giving women the opportunity to move and accessorize as they please. The belted pieces showcase relaxed dressing through carefree linen fabrics in crisp whites. There’s a button-down option that looks smart and elegant and another one with spaghetti straps and cargo pockets that exudes youthfulness with an edgy hint.

Whether you’re going with a bohemian jumpsuit or romper, don’t just jump on the fashion bandwagon. Personalize your look, and use each piece as a canvas for self-expression.