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Rumi Signet Ring


The Rumi Signet Ring is handcrafted in Bali from 18ct gold plated sterling silver, inspired by
 the great Persian mystic poet Rumi.

The Story

From existential angst to love, sex and loneliness, from belonging at physical and spiritual levels to morality and religion, contradictory human emotions and impulses – no stone is left unturned in Rumi’s poetry. 

Rumi drew on the entirety of his life – the lived experiences in the physical world as well as the numinous glimpses of eternity – to compose his verse but the underlying and resonating power of all of his poems was love. To Rumi, love was the great elevator from the mundane to the sublime, from the horizontal experience of everyday life to the vertical ascent to God in all of one’s daily activities, no matter how simple