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Coming up Rosie: How to get the look of this stylish and beautiful Aura muse

Coming up Rosie: How to get the look of this stylish and beautiful Aura muse

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s photo source: Pinterest

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s career is a story of continuous evolution. From her start in modeling in the early aughts, she branched out into acting, then shifted into becoming an entrepreneur and editor in 2018. In the latest phase of her career, the multi-hyphenate is now sharing hair, skincare, and makeup tips she has picked up from spending time in the makeup chair in the past 18 years through her beauty platform Rose Inc. There are also her other product collaborations, such as a lingerie line with a popular UK retail brand and an upcoming “clean” and sustainable cosmetics line.

But Rosie isn’t just an authority in beauty. As her 12.2 million followers on Instagram can attest, she also has a personal style that modern women everywhere can pick up cues from. She is frequently cited in fashion blogs as an aspirational figure, and her many mirror selfies display a sense of proportion and an appreciation of tailoring and structure.

Having access to designers and high fashion labels never hurts, of course, but Rosie is able to take a designer piece and make it wholly her own. In fact, her well-developed sense of style has landed her another collaboration, this time with an Italian label for a shoe collection. And if her eye for fashion proves to be correct, square-toed sandals will be all the rage this spring.

Rosie may be a busy woman (and mom to 2-year-old Jack Oscar), but a full calendar doesn’t keep her style from looking smart and sharp. That’s why she’s an Aura muse. A label that’s about effortless elegance, Aura designs clothes for the romantic yet powerful woman who finds strength in her femininity. Each item is a go-to piece that can stand the test of time.

If you want to embody the same powerful and feminine appeal that Rosie exudes with so much ease, here are a few style principles we’ve picked up from studying her OOTD and paparazzi pics--plus our suggestions on how to start applying them.

Volume play

Photo credits: Pinterest

She is undeniably lithe and fit, but Rosie isn’t always about showing off her figure. In fact, she’s frequently spotted sporting oversized blazers, slouchy tops, and wide-legged pants. Now, given her height, they never overwhelm her, but even the vertically challenged can wear voluminous pieces in style.

Proportion and proper tailoring are key, and Rosie understands this principle. She balances bulky jackets with sleeker pieces underneath, while generously cut bottoms are paired with form-fitting tops. On instances when both the top and bottom have some volume, she makes sure that both pieces are cut immaculately so they hang well on her body. She also plays with length to add visual interest to her layered outfits.

For not-so-tall ladies, a great starting point for volume play would be a figure-skimming dress cut at the right length to give the illusion of height. A linen mini dress, for example, would look great underneath an oversized blazer. As for wide-legged pants that almost come off as a maxi skirt, they can be worn with a form-fitting tank top or even a drapey jacket. Just be sure to pick one made of soft and flowy fabric so they show off a hint of your figure.

Tonal dressing

Photo credits: Pinterest

Some people are all about the pops of color in their outfits. In Rosie’s case, she has a more subtle approach when it comes to hues.

Her style of putting together pieces from the same color family results in looks that are fresh and easy on the eyes but are never boring. That’s because the process involves more than just picking out clothes in monotones. Rosie also plays off the warmth or the coolness of one central clothing piece’s color to select the other items to go with it.

An oversized beige jacket, for example, is worn with a hazelnut-colored silk skirt, with a white shirt pulling everything together. Sometimes, she even goes for shades that aren’t usually seen as from the same color family. Take for instance the olive-green skirt and white halterneck top that she accessorized with a camel-colored clutch and matching leather boots. The result is an immaculate-looking paparazzi-worthy daytime outfit.

As Rosie has shown, there are everyday neutral-colored pieces found in most people’s closets that can serve as great foundations for tonal dressing: white tees or tank tops, beige blouses, gray button-down shirts, black blazers. The next step is selecting separates of the same family color that can be worn in multiple ways. A classic crisp white button-down is a timeless piece that will transcend time and trends, and so is a pair of satin cropped pants in a Spring-ready shade, soft coral.


Hers-and-his mixup

Wearing pieces that are traditionally more masculine in appeal is a fashion move done by so many women, and Rosie is a natural at it. That’s because she applies both proper proportions and tonal dressing in selecting menswear-inspired items to sport. There is always a chic, slightly tough edge to the structured suits she dons, and they play off well with her choice of sexy, more feminine items.

A strappy cotton jumpsuit with a loose fit is a great pick for this look. You can opt to belt it for a blouson effect, then shrug on a tailored blazer. The display of skin at the neckline will balance the shoulder-to-leg coverage of the outfit in the best way possible.

You can also wear a chic halter neck top with your favorite jacket and pants pairing. It’s a look that can have you walking out of the door in style in just minutes.


The art of mixing and matching to create a look

All the suggested pieces can be worn in a variety of ways, making them great additions to your wardrobe. For more style ideas on incorporating them into your personal style, check out our Get the Look section and start curating your outfits.