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Dream escapes plus, what to wear to these destinations


While our travel plans are on pause, it doesn’t hurt to have a little trip down memory lane. Or better yet, plan our future trips with all these free times we have spent at home.  Here, we list down the top 10 dream destinations you'll undoubtedly enjoy, plus what to wear to these magical escapes. From the east to the west side of the globe and among the biggest continents, these destinations are considered to merit stamps on your own passport.

1. Havana, Cuba: Get lost in color 



A famous Caribbean destination due to its historical background, colorful facade, and beautiful sunset view, Havana is a popular choice among tourists who love to have fun and discover new culture. It is the largest city along the bay area of the Cuban country.

The city itself is made popular with local music, arts, and traditional buildings. The flowy  Fleur Mini Wrap Dress is perfect for a day to night piece you can wear once you visit this beautiful city. With its floral pattern, feminine ruffles, and mini length, it’s the perfect garb to wear for an afternoon of shopping and sunset cocktails. Stroll along the famous streets during the day and party to the local music at night. You may never know; someone could just pull you out of the street for a dance of Salsa.  

2. Puglia, Italy: Experience Luxury 

Puglia is known for its beautiful whitewashed hill towns lined along a magnificent Mediterranean coastline. One of the definite features tourists shouldn’t miss is its baroque architecture that looks luxurious and rich in culture. Visit during the spring and summer, and walk along its beautiful paths and traditional houses in the Arielle Maxi Dress. Its maxi length, ruffled skirt, and voluminous sleeves surely fit Puglia’s scenery. Finish the look off with minimal flats and let the dress’s cheetah print do the talking. 

3. Marrackech, Morroco: Feast for the Senses

Daunting and mysterious, this enchanting city of Marrakesh in Morocco is a dream destination for anyone who would like to experience a thousand-year history a few miles from the Sahara desert. Expect a splash of color and exotic gastronomy in this beautiful city, along with an arid climate. The timeless Linen Midi Dress comes to mind with its minimalist shape and understated elegance. This chic mid-length piece is something you can wear for comfort and style. Its minimalist-friendly silhouette looks astonishingly coherent with the city's authentic sense.

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia: Medieval Fairytale 

A medieval city on the Adriatic sea, Dubrovnik in Croatia was made famous with its straight-out-of-a-fairytale-book setting. Old towns, cobbled stone walks, and a stunning view of the sea, this dream holiday is a must on your bucket list. With long walks amongst all historical sites, the comfortable Linen Romper in white is the perfect piece to wear. Made from breathable linen, you'll still look chic for a panoramic dinner at the famous Panorama Restaurant and Bar.

5. Bali, Indonesia: Experience the Island of the Gods 

Bali is an adventurous getaway. This beautiful island in Indonesia is known to locals, surfers, and foreign tourists all over the world. It’s an experience more cut to aesthetics yet packed with the island lifestyle. The flowy Fleur Midi Dress is an excellent choice to walk along beach lines and still look party-ready at one of the island's local party scenes. It's also easy to wrap around and can be worn as a makeshift bikini cover-up. With beaches as beautiful as what Bali offers, it’s always great to be ready for a quick dip.

6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Luxury in Every Inch

There is no better luxury setting than visiting one of the world's wealthiest cities, Dubai. A melting pot of cultures in the Arabian peninsula, it is a place of skyscrapers and architectural wonders, sands, and the sea. Experience abundance in your most comfortable frock, the Willow Mini Dress, that is versatile to work with the Dubai weather and is easy to wear and style

7. Petra, Jordan: Ancient Encounters

The ancient city, Petra in Jordan is home to Al-Dayr - a UNESCO tomb-facade site created during the Byzantine era. It offers other beautiful ancient monuments, including tombs and pillars dating back from biblical times. One must walk to a narrow gorge to find and discover these wonders. Take on the adventure in a breeze while wearing the Bella Romper - utilitarian yet sartorial perfect for the trek and the unique experience.

8. Provence, France: Scene-Stealing Scenery 

Found in the southeastern portion of France, Provence is a region made abundant with foliage and aroma in the summer. A destination made known for its lavenders, the historic towns and villages are picturesque. Travel along the countryside looking dainty and in the best mood with the Daisy Wrap Dress. The wrap design and voluminous sleeves blend with the whole beauty of the foliage.

9. Mykonos, Greece: European Tropical Getaway

 A Greek holiday is a must and, if you can, you must go and visit the beautiful island of Mykonos. A much more unknown beauty than the famous Santorini, Mykonos is a landscape of whitewashed houses and blue-domed churches. Though only on this island can you find beautiful traditional windmills. This luxurious destination calls for voluminous shapes and flowy structures, just like the Oversized Bohemian Tunic in classic white. It’s comfortable yet chic for any unplanned night getaways.  

10. Amalfi Coast, Italy: Painter’s Canvas in Motion


A Mediterranean wonder suspended between blue skies and an iridescent sea, Amalfi Coast in Italy is a painter's canvas. The 13 towns along this coast, including the city of Amalfi, are must-visits for all the vertical wonders of stairways, narrow alleys, and traditional architecture. Enjoy the adventurous trek in the Linen Jumpsuit in Carbon. Comfort and style are what you need to make this one a memorable trip.

Was it a lot of daydreaming as we introduced you to our top 10 dream destinations? Look elegantly stylish with these sustainably made pieces on your future trips.