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Which Summer Style Archetype Are You?

Which Summer Style Archetype Are You?

Summer is in full swing, and it means a lot of exciting things: refreshing ocean dips, cocktail parties with the gals, weekend drives to the beach, and stocking up new summer essentials in your wardrobe.

As the temperature and our excitement to bask in the sun rises, have your racks revamped with elevated, warm-weather-ready looks. Are you the “go big or go home” type or a “keeping it simple yet sleek” one?

We have rounded up a few archetypes to help you identify which ones you vibe with the most. Which one are you? 

The Boheme Queen

Maia DressMoroccan Wrap Dress

Featured: Maia Dress, Moroccan Wrap Dress

You’re eclectic, unapologetic, and think conventional is boring. You’re a modern-day boheme who loves to embrace all things lightweight, loose-fits, and lavish with a pop of print and colors. People love and adore you because you can pull off anything—from flowing floral-print maxi dresses to chic boho capes and even dad sandals.

During summer, you’d rather don a dreamy, flowy dress than a bikini, which is why we believe the Maia Dress will look lovely to you. It features a beautiful, neutral print that perfectly complements you and the weather’s warmth and radiance.

The Moroccan Wrap Dress could be your next favorite fashion piece if you want to express your creativity. This dress is everything you’ll need to ace your entire summer look, may it be on the streets or by the beach. It’s highly versatile; you can also use it as a cover-up. Here’s a simple styling tip: Finish your look with a neutral headwrap and a pair of sandals, and you’re good to go!

The Practical and Effortless Chic

Luna Skirt SetOphelia Midi Dress

Featured: Luna Skirt Set, Ophelia Midi Dress

Keeping it simple and sleek is your game. You’re a living testament that less is more. You usually go for neutrals with novelty features because you believe being practical in fashion doesn’t have to be boring.

You’re a busy, empowered woman who has everything under control, so there’s no time for complicated fashion finds. Your wardrobe most likely consists of a white dress, pair of linen shorts, white t-shirt, boyfriend jeans, and a maxi dress this warm season.

You love a practical approach to style so versatile items that you can wear all year long are your best bets. Take the Ophelia Midi Dress as an example: it’s a fluffy dress perfect for summer and in-between seasons. It features billowy sleeves with adjustable cuffs you can push up if you’re feeling chic or down when going off for a beach getaway. 

Wear simple coordinates like our Luna Skirt Set and look effortlessly ravishing under the sun if you want a more laid-back approach. It’s the perfect lounge yet chic outfit to wear over a loaded brunch or tropical cocktail drinks.


The Elegant Hostess

 Lauren Midi DressJasmine Midi Dress

Featured: Lauren Midi Dress, Jasmine Midi Dress

What you love most about summer is all the fun hosting it entails—beautiful tablescapes for a backyard champagne brunch, patio soirees, al fresco dining with friends, and every occasion that allows you to dress your best. You have this “rich girl” style because of your perfect hair, polished makeup, sophisticated clothes, and ability to turn heads wherever you go.

With the rise of temperature, your fashion style shouldn’t plummet. So, stock up some feminine and flattering outfits like the Lauren Midi Dress, which gives you an instant boost of elegance and appeal with its flowy fabrics and deep V-neckline. It makes an excellent choice for warm luncheons you host at your home.

You will equally like the Jasmine Midi Dress too. If you’re looking for a laid-back yet luxurious dress this season, you’ll never go wrong with this sleeveless frock. Accessorize with dainty accessories, and you’re bound to ooze with sophistication.


The Pretty and Preppy

 Cannes ShirtSienna Blouse

Featured: Cannes Shirt, Sienna Blouse

You love wearing dainty dresses, swiping your red lipstick, and experimenting on a lot of trending summer hairstyles. On a typical day, you always look forward to dressing up. If there’s one word that encapsulates your style, it would be preppy.

You fill your closet with school sweaters, blazers, sweater-vests, button-down shirts, and plaid skirts. Now that the sun’s out and about, you want to invest in mini dresses that allow you to show off your legs. Try pairing the Cannes Shirt with a pair of linen shorts for that elevated summer look. Timeless, versatile, and preppy, you can wear it all buttoned up for formal activities or use as a chic cover-up to seal your beach ensemble.

If you prefer mixing and matching, the Sienna Blouse serves as a perfect blouse. Aura crafted it using the highest quality 100% cotton to make you feel comfy throughout the sweat-inducing season. It’s so versatile you can pair it with black linen shorts or jeans. 

The Bold Sun Chaser

Oba Wrap DressFlorence Midi Dress

Featured: Oba Wrap Dress, Florence Midi Dress

You live in the moment. Your wardrobe consists of exquisite, bold fashion items, and you love summer adventures. Whether it’s a pool party, road trip, beach getaway, outdoor party, or date night, you always follow your intuition and enjoy life to the fullest.

Your style this summer is anything fun and flowy. You like to repurpose clothes and merge styles. For instance, you enjoy matching a luxurious-looking wrap dress with an elegant woven straw hat.

If you want to pull off cool looks for hot summer days, check out the Oba Wrap Dress, a flowy mid-length wrap dress with leopard prints for that sleek vibe. It’s perfect for many occasions: summer dates, evening parties, cocktail nights, and more.

For a more exquisite dress, you should check out the limited-edition Florence Midi Dress. Featuring beautiful Earth hues, a sexy neckline, smocked shoulder straps, and a cinched waist, you’re bound to sparkle during hot summer nights.

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