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Slow, calm, and purposeful—these are the qualities of restful days we wish we had more of. They’re when women step out of their shoes, let their hair down, and trade the workweek’s clothes for something much more comfortable.

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Boho shorts are perfect to take from work and play to rest and relaxation. A fashionista may wear it at home and in her favorite places to unwind, proving that it’s the ultimate laidback piece her closet should not be without.

Elevating the Fashion Staple

Boho shorts for women mark the crossover of chic and casual; they show that it’s possible to maintain a level of discerning style even on off-duty days. Slipping into a pair of shorts might be one of the simplest ways to build an outfit, but make no mistake about its impact. This staple’s effortless style and versatility make it a blank canvas, a chameleon of a piece that women can maximize to express their fashion identities.

Aura’s shorts welcome an array of options for mixing and matching and accessorizing. Desaturated earth tones stay true to the bohemian essence of going with the flow, and are flattering for any skin tone. Elements like ruched elastic waistbands, mother-of-pearl buttons, and fine zippers allow these shorts to hug the waist for a universally-loved fitting.

Classic lengths and baggy fits make these pairs a cut above the rest, giving women a chance to wear them in any setting they wish to find quiet time in. Not forgetting functionality, these women’s boho shorts come with deep front, back, and side pockets that seamlessly blend in with their overall design.

Socially and Ethically Conscious

In the end, it’s up to every woman to wear her shorts, her way. After all, these bottoms were designed with a woman’s freedom to choose in mind. The style represents the power in embracing femininity and what it can achieve when wielded with cool confidence.

Reminiscent of the styles of the original boho gal who was at the frontlines of the women’s liberation movement, women’s bohemian shorts are beyond a cute piece of clothing. They invite the women of today to continue widening the space where they can be, feel, think, act, and dress as they please.

Above all these factors is Aura’s promise of ethical production. The brand’s offerings are handmade in Bali, Indonesia, where sheets of linen are expertly crafted into the pieces that women from different parts of the world welcome into their wardrobes. This guarantee of fair fashion practice adds another layer of that must-have appeal to Aura’s collection of comfy and chic shorts.

Every time a woman slips into a pair, she wears the mark of a true bohemian: effortless in style, composed in demeanor, and consciously connected to a bigger world.