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Curate Your Look With These 5 Reliable Pieces from Our Collection

Curate Your Look With These 5 Reliable Pieces from Our Collection

To be fashionable is not always about mastering the most remarkable trends, donning the most expensive outfits, or adapting complicated styling tricks. The key to being stylish is to strut that confidence. Being fashionable is all about finding the pieces that will make you look good, feel good, and confident in all ways. Our everyday fashion style is about our attitude as it is the clothes and accessories we wear.

You can build up your confidence in your style with fashion by investing in reliable wardrobe staples that you can mix and match, wear and re-wear, and can stand the test of time.

Aura encapsulates the art of fashion by creating pieces that speak of versatility, simplicity, and longevity. Versatility means having clothing pieces that you can mix and match for an extended period and still come up with something fresh or new look. Then simplicity is all about having go-to outfits that don’t need much effort or thinking. Finally, longevity means having ensembles that are timeless that you can rework or restyle over time.

We rounded up five reliable pieces of clothing that we handpicked from our collection for which you can wear whether for learning, yearning, flirting, working, and even twerking by wearing them in many creative ways.

1. Milan Top

Milan Top + Monaco Pants in BlackMilan Top + Florence Shorts

Featured: Milan Top + Monaco Pants in Black and Milan Top + Florence Shorts

First on our list is our  Milan Top. This elegant and timeless top features a stunning wrap-style halter neckline and tie-front detailing.

This sexy top is so versatile, and it can go from casual to formal look dramatically. You can pair this with our Florence Shorts and add on slippers, tote bags, sunglasses, and headscarves for a walk on the beach. Or you can change up your slippers with a pair of white sneakers and put on a belt bag and nice small pair of earrings for an effortless street style look.

The Milan Top is perfect for work from home set up and pairing this with our Monaco Pants and layering it with an oversized coat and belt. From creation to party, look chic on a tapas and wine night by changing the pants to a circular, gypsy, or asymmetrical skirt, and put on some dangling earrings and a nice pair of coned heeled sandals.

2. Cranberry Floral Kimono

Cranberry Floral Kimono

Featured: Cranberry Floral Kimono

The best fashion items are the ones that can be worn time after time and reimagine in many ways without sacrificing comfort elegance. 

A Kimono is an article of clothing that strikes both beauty and grace in such a nice-looking and relaxed kind of way. Plus, there are many ways on how to make a kimono complement your style.

Take, for instance, our very own Cranberry Floral Kimono, and this is the added touch that seals your fashion look. It features a deep botanical look that can effortlessly add a bohemian touch to any style.

Add a dressier feel to your denim jeans by simply putting on a Kimono jacket over it. Wear the kimono as a top and make it look like a blouse by wrapping around a belt to it. Rock your bohemian street style looks by juxtaposing graphic tees, printed kimonos, and fringe booties. Explore and experiment by pairing a kimono over a fixed box pleat skirt.

3. Linen Jumpsuit

Linen Jumpsuit in White

Featured: Linen Jumpsuit in White

Probably we will never get tired of saying that having a good jumpsuit is an excellent addition to your wardrobe. Can dress it up for special events by adding the right shoes and accessories, or it can be dressed down for casual events while still being stylish. By selecting the fitting jumpsuit and styling and accessorizing it creatively, you will feel confident and classy in your outfit.

Our Linen Jumpsuit is a fashion that meets functionality with a bit of a hint of sexiness. It is a classic long jumpsuit with a square neckline, thin straps, and a contemporary relaxed silhouette.

Accessories aren’t the only styling tool to help you nail a jumpsuit. Layering is another way to help you feel comfortable while looking great. One of the easiest ways is to layer it with a jacket on top. Grab a leather jacket for a more casual outing or shove on a nice blazer for formal events. You can both wear these as belts during the day to add shape definition. 

Another is layering a top underneath the jumpsuit to add more character. Wear it with an off-shoulder floral top underneath to boost a dainty and feminine look. Or fire up even more than a sexy look by wearing a bodycon spaghetti strap top or a sports bra. For colder days, you can opt to wear a turtle neck or long button-down sleeves. Add a pair of pointy stilettos to add a fiercer look, plus the additional height you will receive from heels will help lengthen your legs and make you appear taller and slender.

4. Satin Cropped Pants

Satin Cropped PantsSatin Cropped Pants

Featured: Satin Cropped Pants

What started as a pure Italian style trait has now become a global fashion trend. Originated from the Florentine flamboyants, cropped pants are a trendy trouser choice with a hemline that ends just above the ankle. Different styles of cropped pants work better for other occasions, weather conditions, and body types. 

Androgynous yet tailored to suit your feminine, chic style. Our Satin Cropped Pants is menswear meets womenswear trouser that features a structured boyfriend cut silhouette that goes perfectly with your button-downs, basic tees, and silk camis. It has a tapered waist and hemline that provides that city chic girl charm.

Finish the look by pairing it with show-stopping heels and accessorize it with a chunky bracelet to poised a slightly grungy edge to your overall look.

5. Sophia Shirt Dress

Sophia Dress Shirt in Terracotta

Featured: Sophia Dress Shirt in Terracotta

Part shirt, part dress but all style, dress shirts aren’t just for fancy events, and they can also be the bread and butter of your everyday looks. It can be a tall order to nail down the perfect style and fit with all the different options. Make a shirt dress flattering by leaving some buttons open or wearing a bandage under it. You can wear it also as beachwear or a cover-up. It’s easy, vibrant, and stylish that is a great option to pack if you’re heading for a summer vacation.

Your summer wardrobe is never complete without a classic shirt dress, and our Linen version indeed makes a case for it. Our Sophia Dress Shirt in Terracotta comes from luxurious linen blended with premium cotton. Wear this buttoned-down beauty loose for a relaxed look or cinched at the waist for a silhouette that’s understated yet polished.

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