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Incorporating Plains and Prints Into Your Wardrobe

Incorporating Plains and Prints Into Your Wardrobe

Featured: Fleur Mini Wrap Dress



Focus on sustainability and wear clothes that spark joy

Hoarding is the norm in this consumer-driven world. We buy for the sake of it and end up giving stuff up months or years down the road. Fashion is no exception.

The solution? Invest in sustainable pieces that will last long term and build a minimalist wardrobe. Not to be confused with a capsule wardrobe, a minimalist wardrobe is more flexible, and those who go by this approach focus on pieces that they love. It is about self-awareness and basing your clothing off of your lifestyle with pieces that won't go outdated. 

Are you ready to reinvent your style? Follow along and find ways to incorporate plains and prints into your wardrobe!

Start Off With The Basics

Cannes Shirt

Featured: Cannes Shirt 


Plain colors like black, white, red, and blue provide a solid foundation for future pieces. Safe, versatile, and easy to work with, they look flattering on any skin tone and make you feel sophisticated and put-together. Ultimately, building your wardrobe off of basics gives you the chance to express creativity and experiment more with color.

 Relaxed Cropped Shirt Tailored Linen Shorts and Edith Shorts

Featured: Relaxed Cropped Shirt, Tailored Linen Shorts and Edith Shorts


We recommend mixing darks and lights as opposed to going for a full-on monochromatic look. It’s a fun way to experiment with tones and hues and pair something relaxed and structured. 

The Cannes Shirt and Florence Shorts is one of our favorite combinations to date. Perfect for the spring and summertime, it shows that loose-fitting pieces can beautifully compliment something on the more structured side. White is a good base color because it’s so versatile and, when paired with the green shorts, brings that freshness to the overall look.

The Relaxed Cropped Shirt pairs beautifully with the Tailored Linen Shorts or Edith Shorts if you are after something loose-fitting. Available in different colors, you can mix and match basics depending on the kind of vibe you’re going for that day.

Incorporate Pieces of the Same Color Family

 Satin Cropped Pants

Featured: Satin Cropped Pants

Contrary to popular belief, incorporating pieces in the same color palette is a thing. Also known as tonal dressing, it is a way in which you can subtly incorporate color into your wardrobe. If you’re into green, this means adding tones like basil, chartreuse, and olive. Ultimately, playing around with shades instead of going in with a straight-up color is a fun way to switch things up.

 Linen Pants

Featured: Linen Pants



Pink is a beautiful experimental color. Although commonly associated with femininity, it is versatile and can turn a fun look into something more put-together. This neutral-toned shirt and Satin Cropped Pants combo is proof that a color's tones and hues pair nicely without looking odd. Another option is pairing a top with animal print with the Linen Pants. The pants match a shade on the top, giving off an accentuated vibe.

Prints as a Statement Piece 

Cranberry Floral Kimono

Featured: Cranberry Floral Kimono

Our moods affect the way we dress. There are days when we want to be easy-going, opting for a classic white t-shirt and denim shorts combo. However, there will also be days when we want to gravitate towards something bolder, an example being a graphic tee and leather pants or a bright fuchsia top and orange power suit combo.

If you find yourself wanting to branch out and elevate your monochromatic look, maybe invest in pieces like wraps or kimonos. It is a way to introduce something traditional into a modern look and get creative. Aura’s Cranberry Floral Kimono is a crowd-pleaser because of its bohemian flair, and it perfectly complements monochromatic and neutral pieces.

Here Comes The Monochrome

Linen Oversized House Set

Featured: Linen Oversized House Set

The monochromatic trend has been around for ages. Clean and simple, this kind of look can be as show-stopping as your boldest pieces. You can incorporate elements in different shades and textures to come up with something that suits you. It could be a black semi-sheer button-down and a pair of mid-length shorts or a little black dress paired with a loose blazer. Styling options are endless, and you can use certain elements to accentuate your features.

Cannes Shirt,  Monaco Pants Monaco Pants and Roma Top

Featured: Cannes Shirt,  Monaco Pants and Roma Top

Monochromatic outfits look beautiful no matter what color they come in, be it black, purple, or hot pink. We recommend going for a shade that suits your features to avoid looking washed out. 

This neutral  Linen Oversized House Set is for those who are into oversized loungewear. Exuding comfort, you’ll have no problem wearing it all day -- whether you’re out and about or chilling at home. Versatile is this pair of Monaco Pants. You can pair it with the Cannes Shirt if you’re into the more structured look or the  Roma Top for something that exudes comfort without being too loose-fitting.

The One and Done Print

Striped Midi Dress

Featured: Striped Midi Dress

Putting a top and bottom combo together can be time-consuming. It’s why a lot of women opt for dresses. Aside from exuding comfort and versatility, this stand-alone outfit looks good no matter what. As beautiful as the little black and white dresses are, there are times when we want to wear something on the bolder side. 



Printed dresses come in an array of styles and colors -- be it florals against blue or black and white gingham -- so you don’t have to put too much effort into styling. Serving as the outfit’s focal point, you can pair it with some white sneakers and finish things off with jewelry. 

Chic Floral Maxi Dress Fleur Midi Dress

Featured: Chic Floral Maxi Dress and Fleur Midi Dress

This beautiful Striped Midi Dress can go from easy-going to dressy in a matter of seconds. Perfect for pool-side lounging or weekend nights out, this versatile piece looks good no matter what. 

Be Yourself, Don’t Follow The Crowd

Fashion and creativity go hand-in-hand, and there is nothing more fun than incorporating different pieces to create a look. Whether your wardrobe consists of plains or prints, or a mix of both, it will help you figure out what you like and learn to dress boldly!