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How to Find Your Personal Style in 5 Easy Steps

How to Find Your Personal Style in 5 Easy Steps

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From wearing head-to-toe pastel outfits, layering T-shirts underneath rompers and dresses, to sporting tailored two-piece suits, it comes to show that style evolves with age. All about self-expression and attitude, according to the iconic Iris Apfel, it takes years to learn. Think of it like a butterfly emerging out of a cocoon. Luckily, with access to all sorts of online and offline platforms, finding your style can be done. 

Here are helpful tips for finding your personal style.

1. Do A Closet Raid

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First things first, examine your closet. Think about the pieces you own that make you happy and those that you wear more often than others. Did you find a lot of neutral-tone clothes? Or perhaps you have a few tailored pieces in monochromatic colors? Did you find lots of printed pieces in flowy and feminine silhouettes? Pull these pieces out and notice what they have in common. With this, you’ll have an idea of what style you tend to go for most days.

2. Think Of Your Lifestyle and Interests

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This might or might not surprise you but your lifestyle and the activities that you love doing regularly dictate your personal style. 

Do you hold a corporate day job and thus you find yourself wearing lots of tailored pieces, such as A-line skirts, crisp white button-downs, or high-waisted pants? Or maybe you lead an active lifestyle where your days mostly consist of heading to the gym, attending yoga classes, meditation, or doing high-intensity workouts? If that’s you, you might find yourself always garbed in athleisure pieces, such as yoga pants, tank tops, chic leggings, and trainers. Do you live in a city where your lifestyle requires you to dress in versatile pieces that can take you from daytime work meetings to dressy evening cocktails or gallery openings? 

Take a look at your lifestyle, job, activities, and hobbies that take up most of your day. You’ll mostly notice a pattern in the style of clothes that you tend to reach for when dressing up in the morning. This can be a dictating factor in defining your personal style.

3. Seek Inspiration

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Fashion inspiration is everywhere: magazines, social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, blogs, or even watching random people cross the street. All you have to do is look and observe your surroundings. Utilize social media for the better to find out what pieces, places, or people inspire you. If you find a celebrity, influencer, friend, or family member whose style you like, try to find more images of them. Are they mostly photographed wearing oversized yet tailored separates in neutral tones? Or perhaps they almost always wear bohemian-inspired pieces, such as paisley printed maxi dresses and hats in brown tones? 

Take note of the styles of the clothes that make your heart flutter. Those are some cues in finding your personal style. 

4. The Mood Board is Your Best Friend

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Featured: Blush Floral Top, Oversized Bohemian Tunic



Whether they are digital or physical, mood boards are the perfect tool for style development. They serve as an inspiration and are a readily available resource for determining your personal style. Once you have an idea of the styles, icons, and pieces that you find beautiful, pull some images online (or cut them from magazines) and compile them on a fashion mood board. Your board might be a little all over the place in the beginning, but you might discover that a lot of the images you curated are wearing linen coordinates, a lot of them are wearing denim jeans, or maybe most of them are garbed in slim-fitting cut-out dresses - those pieces represent an ambient vibe you’re going for. 

5. Build That Wardrobe

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You do not necessarily have to build an entire wardrobe to cater to your style. If anything, recall the first step: rediscover your closet and build something from there. Remember, an uncomplicated wardrobe consists of functional and timeless pieces that are suitable during the day or at night, and items that you can wear over and over regardless of the season and occasion.

Creating a capsule wardrobe that mainly consists of those pieces you find beautiful and make you feel fantastic will help you build looks that represent your personal style. If you find runway images of tailored menswear-inspired pieces stunning, build a closet with oversized blazers, tailored yet relaxed trousers, and plain tanks that you can mix and match. The same philosophy goes if you find lots of resort wear-inspired images in your mood board - get flowy midi and maxi dresses or modern jumpsuits in simple yet stunning silhouettes, lace-up flats, and gold jewelry. The key is to stay true to those styles that make you feel amazing.

Let’s Get Styling

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If you’re into feminine silhouettes, plunging necklines, figure-forming yet classy and elegant styles, midi dresses that embrace the feminine figure will work well with your personal style.

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If you find menswear-inspired pieces alluring, oversized separates will go perfect for you. It helps to expose the neck, wrists, and ankles so the clothes wouldn’t look like they’re eating you up, especially for petite frames. Cinch your waist with a belt to help accentuate your shape. If all else fails, try to balance the shape by wearing a fitted top with an oversized bottom or vice versa.

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