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Passion in Fashion: A Zoom Into Taylor Lashae’s Nostalgic and Timeless Style, Aura’s French-Colombian Muse

Passion in Fashion: A Zoom Into Taylor Lashae’s Nostalgic and Timeless Style, Aura’s French-Colombian Muse

There is something so captivating about this Texas-born, L.A.-bred French/Colombian It girl whose smart antics, eccentric style, and quirky personality that capture the hearts of her 900k Instagram followers. She is serious and funny, close and distant, magnetic and unattainable at the same time.  And yes, we are talking about the genuinely passionate, the realist, and unique Taylor Lashae, a true and iconic Aura Muse.

She is a Jane of all of the coolest trades, and she is very passionate about everything that she does. May it be in acting, modeling, traveling, and whatnots. Not a surprise, as this girl carries that strong cultural passion coming from her French and Colombian roots.

Nostalgic and Timeless are the best words to describe Taylor Lashae’s fashion style. Admittedly she gets her inspiration from old cinema, poetry, Polaroid films, and whatever can revive memories and induce sentimental feelings. She even once said that she is romanticizing living in Paris in the 60s. For her, it’s all about being classic, feminine and free.

Just like Taylor, Aura is all about classic pieces that boast elegance and sophistication without actually overdoing it. We anchor our designs for empowered modern women who put their femininity at a vantage point.

Be spontaneous and playful, just like Taylor and try on some of the pieces we put together to match her look.

Alluring Maxi Dress

Moroccan Wrap DressVintage Floral Peasant Dress

Taylor Lashae photo credits: Pinterest; Featured: Moroccan Wrap Dress.

A savvy sassy lass like Taylor can always look immaculately fiery in any maxi dress. This form-fitting ensemble is easy to throw on, chic, and cut to flow over a woman’s body, any type or size. She is imbibing that true Parisian style. Taylor partners these maxi dresses in her signature berets and heeled boots.

You can play up with this look by trying on our Parisian Floral Maxi Dress, a romantic piece that transcends the floral trends of spring and the sunshine vibes of summer. On the other hand, if you opt for more graphic designs, you can try our Vintage Floral Peasant Dress. This maxi dress is rich in design, comfort, and style that is not subtle. We also have the Moroccan Wrap Dress, an easy-on, easy-off free-flowing maxi. It features luxurious rayon voile fabric that drapes effortlessly on the woman’s body.

 Parisian Floral Maxi DressVintage Floral Peasant Dress

Featured:  Parisian Floral Maxi Dress, and  Vintage Floral Peasant Dress

Oversized Tops

Oversized Bohemian TunicOversized Bohemian Tunic

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Taylor Lashae undeniably embodies a true French Girl Style.  She prefers timeless, high quality, and minimalist basics like oversized tops that can last for a very long time and can often re-wear and re-style.

If you’re like Taylor, who loves the drama but still adores minimalism, our Oversized Bohemian Tunic top is perfect for you. It marries the aesthetic of minimalists with its flair and eccentricity of maximalism. It is the perfect juxtaposition of two opposing trends. But if you want to stick with straight A classic style, the Cannes Shirt is right up. It is considered a timeless piece that features a stunning sleeve detailing mother of pearl buttons which you can wear buttoned up or down or even knotted. These oversized tops are best to pair with your neutral-toned leather skirts, slacks with suspenders, or with your cropped pants.

Cannes shirtOversized Bohemian Tunic

Featured: Cannes shirt and Oversized Bohemian Tunic


 Linen JumpsuitLinen Tailored

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Taylor Lashae is all about real passion and creating a vibe when it comes to her craft. She always tries to keep her inspiration genuine and pure. She doesn’t like anything that is posed or staged. Her perspective and attitude are very modern, and she is highly regarded for this by fashion and beauty brands that strive to work with her in whatever conditions she agrees on.

The same is accurate with her fashion style; she believes fashion is an expression and not a definition. That’s why her fashion style leans towards aesthetics that look effortless, undone but always a fashionable one. 

Jumpsuits are the most effortless outfits to put on to achieve a striking yet straightforward put-together look. Our basic Linen Jumpsuit and the Linen Tailored do just like that – clean, nonchalant, wearable, functional yet very chic and will not go out of style. These jumpsuits both offer ease, comfort, and a relaxed manner. 

 Linen JumpsuitLinen Tailored

Featured: Linen Jumpsuit and Linen Tailored

Slip Dress

Slip Dress

Photo Credits: Pinterest

In fashion, we can never fully talk about femininity, timeless and sentimental pieces without mentioning slip dresses. And Taylor Leshae knows how to rock any kind of slip dress any time and on any occasion.

This 90s staple wardrobe fits perfectly well with Taylor’s petite French physique alongside her French bob, classic red lips, and beret. 

Our Linen Midi Dress is a classic and straightforward type of versatile slip dress that exudes an effortlessly chic vibe anywhere and anytime. It has a square neckline and thin shoulder straps that won’t go out of style. It also has a side slit that implies the right amount of sexiness.

Linen Midi Dress in Burnt OrangeLinen Midi Dress in White

Featured: Linen Midi Dress in Burnt Orange and White


Linen Midi Dress in OatLinen Midi Dress in Olive

Featured: Linen Midi Dress in Oat and Olive

Charming Separates

Charming Separates

Photo Credits: Pinterest

When it comes to separates, Taylor does not do much research and indeed not obsessing about finding the best of the best. She loves to mix and match, loves to do trial and error to achieve a more aesthetically appropriate combination.

Taylor Leshae chooses sexy cutouts that are enough to show a little bit of skin without losing that sense of elegance and sophistication.

One of the chicest ways to wear separates is to don a vivid top-to-toe shade, whether it’ll be bright or neutral colors. Another is to match the right silhouettes together - slim cuts to slim cuts and classic cuts with classic ones. Our Savannah Top and Pants are classic-cut separates that complement each other perfectly. This top and pants pairing can go easily from work to laid-back outfits depending on the time of the day. 

Savannah Top and PantsSavannah Top and Pants

Featured: Savannah Top and Pants


We also have the slim-cut separates, our Grace Top and Shorts that allow you to indulge in sexy luxe loungewear. This pair comes from a luxurious linen and cotton blend fabric that is so comfortable you’ll never want to get out of them, ever.

Grace Top and ShortsGrace Top and Shorts

Featured: Grace Top and Shorts

Quietly elegant, sophisticated yet natural, Taylor Lashae truly has a lot to teach the world in terms of class and style, and there’s no doubt that women across the globe are ready and eager to listen.

If you are stoked and pump up to know more about how we curate pieces to match the latest style trends, you may check our Get The Look section.