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5 Fresh Ways to Wear a Slip Dress

5 Fresh Ways to Wear a Slip Dress

Dubbed as the golden child of the 90s, the slip dress – once a plain-to-sultry basic - has proven its worth and become a major style staple. Popularized by the underwear–as–outerwear champion Madonna, slip dresses had become a style statement back in the era that’s favored and tweaked by renowned designers such as Calvin Klein, Narciso Rodriguez, Marc Jacobs, and Dior. Fast forward to the millennial times and this versatile piece had been reimagined in many ways that made it more wearable from day to night, for all occasions, and even for all seasons.

And the past year that we’ve been staying at home, the slip dress has even proven its point of resiliency and flexibility. It can be a reliable choice to wear from bed to work-from-home virtual meetings to sip and dine zoom dates. Literally, it’s absolutely easy and breezy to wear.

Here are some tips on adding twists and shakes to your over-worn slip dress. Plus, it also includes some of our top picks from our maxi, midi, and mini slips that you may want to add to your closet as an upgrade!

1. Wear it with a tee or turtleneck top

Linen Midi Dress in OliveLinen Midi Dress in Oat

Featured: Linen Midi Dress in Olive and Oat

Honoring the 90s vibe, wear your slip dress with your fave white tees or neutral-toned turtlenecks. This look is perfect if you want to tone down the sultriness and strikes a more casual and cooler feel. The tees give a relaxed, effortless, and unexpected look. You can finish your outfit with a white pair of sneakers or rubber shoes.

Our linen midi dress, which comes in olive and oat colors, is perfect for this style. Its square neckline and thin shoulder straps will never go out of style. The light linen fabric and side slits are best aids for long summer days as well.

2. Wear it with an oversized coat or trench

Lauren Midi Dress in BlackAida Midi Dress in Army Green

Featured: Lauren Midi Dress in Black, Aida Midi Dress in Army Green

Working from home can be challenging if you don’t know what to wear other than your comfy pajamas during meetings that always leave you turning off your camera. Pump up your corporate style at home. Your slip dress paired with an oversized coat can make it into a bedroom-to-boardroom fix real quick. If you want an edgier and fashion week-worthy look, throw on a trench coat for a dose of effortless chic look.

Our Lauren Midi Dress in Black, when paired with a white or colored oversized coat, will give you that polished professionalism that might pave the way to your next big promotion. It features a relaxed silhouette and clean lines that boost elegance punctuated by the discreet black piping on its deep V-neckline. You can also style up this Aida Midi Dress in Army Green with an earth-toned trench coat and combat boots to achieve a grungy-edgy look office edition.

3. Wear it with playful accessories

Linen Mini Dress in Rusty GingerLinen Mini Dress in White

Featured: Linen Mini Dress in Rusty Ginger and in White.

If you’re already planning and dreaming about your next beach getaway and counting the days that this pandemic is over, then slip dresses should be on top of your list when packing for vacation. It’s light and easy to fold for your luggage.

There are so many ways to style your slip dresses that will fit any of your picked vacation destinations. Use your imagination and juxtapose your summer slip dress with vibrant and colorful belts, scarfs, tassel earrings, and bangles. Complete the look with slippers or sandals, rattan bags, and BIG summer hats.

For vacation and summer-ready wears, our linen mini dress in Rusty Ginger and classic white are your new best friends. The fabric is 100% linen, featuring a square neckline, adjustable spaghetti straps that you playfully wear in front and back, and side slits that surely can withstand scorching heat and sweaty weathers.

4. Wear it with jeans or jeggings

The Lune Midi DressThe Fawn Linen Wrap Dress

Featured: The Lune Midi Dress and The Fawn Linen Wrap Dress

If you are not that comfortable wearing a slip dress in public, you may want to wear it on top of your favorite jeans or jeggings. This look can easily elevate your style and still ooze that subtle sexiness. You can also top it off with a coat and heels for colder days to achieve that sophisticated finish.

The Lune Midi Dress is designed with oversized buttons and a waist tie belt for an added beautiful feminine shape that perfectly matches your bootleg jeans. On the other hand, the minimal take on the classic wrap dress, Fawn Linen Wrap Dress, is a match with your skinny jeans and stilettos. This dress features a streamlined silhouette, a flattering low V neckline, elegant thin straps, and a self–tie waist for cinching.

5. Wear it with sweaters

The Jasmine Midi Dress in Ginger The Jasmine Midi Dress in Black

Featured: The Jasmine Midi Dress in Ginger and in Black


Slip dress + sweater is the perfect combo for day-to-night and/or dry-to-wet-season outfits. You can wear the sweater over your shoulders when the temperature is high. As soon as the temperature dips, wear it over your slip dress. This look can also give you a dramatic transformation from day to night without noticing that you’re only wearing the same clothing at all times.

You can try this look on with our Jasmine Midi Dress. This is our laidback bohemian with a breezy strapless dress that has hand–embroidered details running down the front and along the hemline. It also has a stretch neckline that can be gathered or loosened with the tasseled drawstrings, while its elastic waistband can be further cinched in with a belt for a dressier evening look. Wear it with a sweater, pair of heeled and pointed boots, plus hoop earrings. The Jasmine Midi Dress comes in Ginger and Black colors.

  The Lauren Midi Dress in Red  Chic Flora Maxi Dress

Featured: The Lauren Midi Dress in Red and Chic Flora Maxi Dress



Of course, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear your slip dresses on their own. All you need to do is find that perfect one that suits your style and have the right amount of confidence to wear it. Like our Lauren Midi Dress in Red and Chic Flora Maxi Dress, these slip dresses are designed to be worn with minimal style. With its long stretch V necklines and sexy backless style that can accentuate your most flattering features, both dresses can already do talking for you. Just wear it with strappy heels, hoop earrings, and with free nips (if you’re bold enough), and voila, you’re all set in your sip and dine date nights!

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