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From Apple to Hourglass: Spring Looks That Match Every Body Type

From Apple to Hourglass: Spring Looks That Match Every Body Type

Featured: Sahara Jumpsuit

“You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need” is a quote that applies to many situations, fashion dilemmas included. 

Social media affects the way we view ourselves. With the rise of pop culture and current trends, women immediately turn to magazines and social media for fashion tips instead of dressing according to what would best fit their body type.

While we should remember that every body is made perfectly, we should also remember that they are made perfect in different ways. Some women are tall and lean, while others have bigger busts and curves. Good thing, we are living in a generation where brands are starting to embrace diversity, catering to women of different shapes and sizes.

After all, fashion is about feeling our best, but don’t get it wrong, you can feel your best without having to compromise how you look. First, let’s figure out your body type, then let’s see which spring looks would best fit your frame! 

1. The Apple Of My Eye

Daisy Wrap Dress

Featured: Daisy Wrap Dress

A fuller mid-section, an undefined waistline, and broad shoulders--often mistaken for the inverted triangle is the apple-shaped body. Dressing this body shape could be an exciting challenge. 

Ruffled Wrap Dress

Featured: Ruffled Wrap Dress

You can opt to accentuate your bust even further by wearing deep v-necks or draw attention to your waist with the help of a wrap dress or low-rise trousers. Two items that come to mind are the chic Daisy Wrap Dress and Ruffled Wrap Dress. Simple and elegant, these two outfits give dimension to your waist, giving off the illusion of a balanced frame.

Another wardrobe staple that flatters an apple-shaped body is a good pair of trousers. We recommend the Satin Wide Leg Pant because it balances out the mid-section nicely. What’s best about this comfortable quintessential pair is that it works whether you're going for something casual or dressy.

2. Prickly Pear

Relaxed Cropped Shirt

Featured: Relaxed Cropped Shirt

One of the most fun yet challenging shapes to dress is the pear-shaped body. Women who have this body type look incredible in any pair of jeans and can rock daintier tops like no other. For example, take a look at Kim Kardashian; she looks breathtaking in denim pencil skirts, skinny jeans, and tank tops.

Characteristics such as a heavier bottom and narrow shoulders come into play, so it is best to balance the overall look by drawing attention from the waist upwards. Remember, creating an illusion is always vital when it comes to making an outfit work for your body type. For instance, if you have a pear-shaped body, shift the attention and add volume to your upper region.

Florence Midi Dress (Limited Edition)

This Relaxed Cropped Shirt is a God-send for the pear body shape. It is the perfect in-between for conservative women who gravitate towards scoop necks. Featuring boxy sleeves, it is a definite must-have if you want to add dimension to your shoulders without being too baring.

V-necks are an equally popular choice, be it in the form of a t-shirt or dress. But, if you need something that beautifully accentuates your features, go for this elegant Florence Midi Dress. Its adjustable shoulder straps and waist tie helps balance out the bust and bottom areas.

3. Athletic Is Beautiful

Linen Romper

Featured: Linen Romper

Often associated with the athletic, straight, or boyish frame is the rectangle-shaped body. It is somewhat like a yin and yang in the fashion world. Its features consist of a fairly distributed weight and athletic build, so you can wear anything and opt to accentuate or conceal certain features. Ultimately, dressing is easy because this shape looks fantastic in anything.

Sophia Shirt Dress

Featured: Sophia Shirt Dress



Defining your features is paramount if you fall under this body shape. If anything, focus on breaking that rectangle. You can go one of two ways: give off the illusion of a curvier waist by adding volume to the upper and lower body or cinch your waist if you want to leave the rest of your frame as is.

Incorporating belted outfits into your wardrobe is a great way to add a bit of “oomph” to your look. If you are looking for something light and casual, go for the Linen Romper, Peach Shirt Dress, and Sophia Shirt Dress. These closet mainstays are practical pieces that can go from casual daytime to date night outfits.

4. We Love An Hourglass

Lauren Midi Dress

Featured: Lauren Midi Dress

Consider yourself lucky if you have an hourglass figure. Sporting a well-defined waist and even bust measurements, you are living every woman’s dream. With proportions to die for, it is best if you proportionally dress your top and bottom. Opt for figure-hugging pieces as opposed to shapeless and oversized ones. Include staple pieces like v-neck tops, high-waisted trousers, fitted blazers, and peplum dresses that consist of soft fabrics. Ultimately, accentuate your figure and have fun!

Linen Wrap Dress

Featured:  Linen Wrap Dress

Keep things simple and let your figure do the talking. Go for fitted or cropped tops paired with wide-legged, mid-waisted trousers to add dimension to your overall look. 

Skin is in, which is why pairing a fitted crop top with the trousers of your choice will forever be a classic. One of our favorites is the Satin Wide Leg Pant because it balances out the mid-section nicely. This comfortable stretchy pair beautifully compliments dressy and casual tops.

Regardless of your age and lifestyle, the Linen Wrap Dress is another wardrobe must-have. This timeless piece exudes comfort and is universally flattering on any body shape. Often a one-size-fits-all item, it conceals and enhances the right areas.

5. Invert That Triangle

Milan Top

Featured: Milan Top

Women with inverted triangle-shaped bodies have broad shoulders, narrow hips, a small or big bust, and slender legs. Add an undefined waist to the equation, which makes putting outfits together fun yet challenging. Possessing a voluminous bust area, you should balance the look by defining the waist and adding curves to your hips and bottom. Ruffled, peplum and v-neck tops, wide-leg trousers, and pleated dresses should do the trick

Satin Wide Leg Pant

Featured: Satin Wide Leg Pant

Just like with any other body shape, balance is the key if you have an inverted triangle-shaped body. It ensures that there’s cohesion to your overall look. If there’s an item that gives off a sense of equilibrium, it’s the Milan Top. Whether you are tall or petite or possess a small or larger bust, this is a must-have because it softens broad shoulders and draws attention upwards.

The Satin Wide Leg Pant is an investment piece you’ll love all year round. This wide-legged Boho staple draws attention to and volumizes the lower half of the body. Create a silhouette by pairing it with a tucked in v-neck top 

Flaunt What You Got

Don’t let current trends get in the way of how you want to dress and look. You only have one body, after all. Experiment with different styles and fits. It is only then that you’ll discover what suits you. Ultimately, have fun and be bold! 

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