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From Apple to Hourglass: Spring Looks That Match Every Body Type

From Apple to Hourglass: Spring Looks That Match Every Body Type

Featured: Sahara Jumpsuit

“You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need” is a quote that applies to many situations, fashion dilemmas included. 

Social media affects the way we view ourselves. With the rise of pop culture and current trends, women immediately turn to magazines and social media for fashion tips instead of dressing according to what would best fit their body type.

While we should remember that every body is made perfectly, we should also remember that they are made perfect in different ways. Some women are tall and lean, while others have bigger busts and curves. Good thing, we are living in a generation where brands are starting to embrace diversity, catering to women of different shapes and sizes.

After all, fashion is about feeling our best, but don’t get it wrong, you can feel your best without having to compromise how you look. First, let’s figure out your body type, then let’s see which spring looks would best fit your frame! 

1. The Apple Of My Eye

Daisy Wrap Dress

Featured: Daisy Wrap Dress

A fuller mid-section, an undefined waistline, and broad shoulders--often mistaken for the inverted triangle is the apple-shaped body. Dressing this body shape could be an exciting challenge. 

Ruffled Wrap Dress

Featured: Ruffled Wrap Dress

You can opt to accentuate your bust even further by wearing deep v-necks or draw attention to your waist with the help of a wrap dress or low-rise trousers. Two items that come to mind are the chic Daisy Wrap Dress and Ruffled Wrap Dress. Simple and elegant, these two outfits give dimension to your waist, giving off the illusion of a balanced frame.

Another wardrobe staple that flatters an apple-shaped body is a good pair of trousers. We recommend the Satin Wide Leg Pant because it balances out the mid-section nicely. What’s best about this comfortable quintessential pair is that it works whether you're going for something casual or dressy.

2. Prickly Pear

Relaxed Cropped Shirt

Featured: Relaxed Cropped Shirt

One of the most fun yet challenging shapes to dress is the pear-shaped body. Women who have this body type look incredible in any pair of jeans and can rock daintier tops like no other. For example, take a look at Kim Kardashian; she looks breathtaking in denim pencil skirts, skinny jeans, and tank tops.

Characteristics such as a heavier bottom and narrow shoulders come into play, so it is best to balance the overall look by drawing attention from the waist upwards. Remember, creating an illusion is always vital when it comes to making an outfit work for your body type. For instance, if you have a pear-shaped body, shift the attention and add volume to your upper region.

Florence Midi Dress (Limited Edition)

This Relaxed Cropped Shirt is a God-send for the pear body shape. It is the perfect in-between for conservative women who gravitate towards scoop necks. Featuring boxy sleeves, it is a definite must-have if you want to add dimension to your shoulders without being too baring.

V-necks are an equally popular choice, be it in the form of a t-shirt or dress. But, if you need something that beautifully accentuates your features, go for this elegant Florence Midi Dress. Its adjustable shoulder straps and waist tie helps balance out the bust and bottom areas.

3. Athletic Is Beautiful

Linen Romper

Featured: Linen Romper

Often associated with the athletic, straight, or boyish frame is the rectangle-shaped body. It is somewhat like a yin and yang in the fashion world. Its features consist of a fairly distributed weight and athletic build, so you can wear anything and opt to accentuate or conceal certain features. Ultimately, dressing is easy because this shape looks fantastic in anything.

Sophia Shirt Dress

Featured: Sophia Shirt Dress



Defining your features is paramount if you fall under this body shape. If anything, focus on breaking that rectangle. You can go one of two ways: give off the illusion of a curvier waist by adding volume to the upper and lower body or cinch your waist if you want to leave the rest of your frame as is.

Incorporating belted outfits into your wardrobe is a great way to add a bit of “oomph” to your look. If you are looking for something light and casual, go for the Linen Romper, Peach Shirt Dress, and Sophia Shirt Dress. These closet mainstays are practical pieces that can go from casual daytime to date night outfits.

4. We Love An Hourglass

Lauren Midi Dress

Featured: Lauren Midi Dress

Consider yourself lucky if you have an hourglass figure. Sporting a well-defined waist and even bust measurements, you are living every woman’s dream. With proportions to die for, it is best if you proportionally dress your top and bottom. Opt for figure-hugging pieces as opposed to shapeless and oversized ones. Include staple pieces like v-neck tops, high-waisted trousers, fitted blazers, and peplum dresses that consist of soft fabrics. Ultimately, accentuate your figure and have fun!

Linen Wrap Dress

Featured:  Linen Wrap Dress

Keep things simple and let your figure do the talking. Go for fitted or cropped tops paired with wide-legged, mid-waisted trousers to add dimension to your overall look. 

Skin is in, which is why pairing a fitted crop top with the trousers of your choice will forever be a classic. One of our favorites is the Satin Wide Leg Pant because it balances out the mid-section nicely. This comfortable stretchy pair beautifully compliments dressy and casual tops.

Regardless of your age and lifestyle, the Linen Wrap Dress is another wardrobe must-have. This timeless piece exudes comfort and is universally flattering on any body shape. Often a one-size-fits-all item, it conceals and enhances the right areas.

5. Invert That Triangle

Milan Top

Featured: Milan Top

Women with inverted triangle-shaped bodies have broad shoulders, narrow hips, a small or big bust, and slender legs. Add an undefined waist to the equation, which makes putting outfits together fun yet challenging. Possessing a voluminous bust area, you should balance the look by defining the waist and adding curves to your hips and bottom. Ruffled, peplum and v-neck tops, wide-leg trousers, and pleated dresses should do the trick

Satin Wide Leg Pant

Featured: Satin Wide Leg Pant

Just like with any other body shape, balance is the key if you have an inverted triangle-shaped body. It ensures that there’s cohesion to your overall look. If there’s an item that gives off a sense of equilibrium, it’s the Milan Top. Whether you are tall or petite or possess a small or larger bust, this is a must-have because it softens broad shoulders and draws attention upwards.

The Satin Wide Leg Pant is an investment piece you’ll love all year round. This wide-legged Boho staple draws attention to and volumizes the lower half of the body. Create a silhouette by pairing it with a tucked in v-neck top 

Flaunt What You Got

Don’t let current trends get in the way of how you want to dress and look. You only have one body, after all. Experiment with different styles and fits. It is only then that you’ll discover what suits you. Ultimately, have fun and be bold! 

Have a look at our gorgeous new pieces here.

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10 Dresses You’d Want to Wear All Summer Long

10 Dresses You’d Want to Wear All Summer Long

Ahh, summer. The most beautiful time of the year where everyone gets to wear breezy and effortlessly chic pieces and simply bask in the all-around warmth.

One of the keys to enjoying summer is having a reliable wardrobe of single-item outfits to take you from running errands during the day under the blistering sun to making you feel confident and chic for a quick wine and dine with friends, or an evening summer date with your SO.

If your wardrobe is still not up-to-date with the changing of the season, you’re in luck because below are some of the most practical yet stylish dresses you’d want to wear all summer long.

1. For Summer Brunches: The Paolita Dress

The Paolita Dress

For the stay-at-home darling who also enjoys dressing up and looking put-together, the Paolita dress is perfect for you. This flowy white dress has a round neckline and sleeves, but even though it may look conservative, the keyhole detail running at the front together with its lace detailing makes it sexy enough without giving it all away. This dress is an ultimate keeper for those slow summer days spent lazing around or for taking solitary walks by the beach.

2. For A Cute Day-To-Evening Look: The Fawn Linen Wrap Dress

The Fawn Linen Wrap Dress

If you’re looking for that one mini dress that does it all — the Fawn Linen Wrap Dress is it. This flattering mini dress may be all that you need for the summer if you’re the minimalist type. Throw on a linen blazer with this dress and you’re all set for a quick meeting or a coffee shop hang with your friends. Or opt for a more structured look for your date night by adding some gold pieces of jewelry, nude heels, and red lipstick to complete the look.

3. For The Maximalist: The Oba Wrap Dress

The Oba Wrap Dress

Add sultriness to your summer wardrobe with the Oba Wrap Dress. The Oba is the ultimate siren dress to wear on summer date nights with your SO. It features draped kimono sleeves for coverage that’s oh-so-right while the wrap dress gives way for a long slit so you can show off your legs while sipping wine at dinner. Oh and the bold animalistic print? It’s just perfect for maximalists who simply adore prints while still keeping everything elegant.

4. For Your Best Friend’s Intimate Wedding: The Lauren Midi Dress

 The Lauren Midi Dress

Nothing says elegance in the summer more than light, flowy fabrics and a deep neckline. With a deep v-neck in the front and back, this is the best dress to wear this summer to show off your tan. Complement the unbridled elegance of this dress with a thin chain ankle bracelet, a simple slip-on sandal, and a structured rattan bag. Get ready to make heads turn - whether you’re at a virtual wedding ceremony or in a swanky restaurant.

5. For Zoom Meetings: The Classic Shirt Dress

The Classic Shirt Dress

This classic shirtdress takes you from your morning coffee run to your Zoom meetings in ease. It has a detachable belt to suit your every mood and a beautiful v-neck to show off your collarbones. The rayon material of this dress makes you move comfortably around the house and the olive green color complements your summer tan. Pair this comfy shirt dress with strappy earth-toned sandals and you’ll be the most fashionable woman in that coffee shop

or at a work meeting.

6. For All-White Chic Summer: The Aster Dress

The Aster Dress

The Aster dress is the missing piece to your roster of white elegant dresses. The length of this dress is just right. Throw a structured oversized blazer on and this becomes the perfect business casual look. It is also perfect for a midday stroll at the beach since it’s a knee-length cut so you can dip your toes in the water without risking it. Don’t forget a straw hat and a mid-length cardigan for when it gets chilly out.

7. For The Dainty and Feminine: The Blush Floral Wrap Dress

The Blush Floral Wrap Dress

Blush is such a muted and underrated color. And because summer is here, it’s the best time to whip this out for a night of dancing and unadulterated fun. Complete the look by putting your hair up in a bun, wearing nude lipstick, and a killer strappy stiletto.

8. For The Simple Yet Chic: The Ruffled Wrap Dress

The Ruffled Wrap Dress

This ruffled wrap dress is as easy as a summer day. Light, breezy, and with just the right V-cut for the neckline, it’s a perfect evening dress. Wear this out at sundown with a pair of one-inch chunky block heels and a structured rattan bag as you take a walk on the way to a romantic dinner. Wear a thin round necklace and statement earrings and the night is yours for the taking. (Just don’t spill wine on this gorgeous piece.

9. For the 90s Lover: The Linen Midi Dress

The Linen Midi Dress

Wearing linen under the hot, sticky sun is one of the best things in life. If you don’t know this feeling, it’s time to invest in a few linen dresses this summer. Yes, we recommend this linen midi dress. This piece works just as practically and fashionably for any errand, a quick stroll at the park with your dog, or for meeting up with your best friends. With the unique neckline of this dress, you may skip necklaces altogether. But if you are an accessories gal, a pair of elegant minimalist gold earrings will complete the look.

10. For The Timeless and Elegant: The Sophia Shirt Dress

The Sophia Shirt Dress

Compete with the sun in this easy terracotta linen shirt dress. Roll up your sleeves for an effortless look while you work from home during the summer season. And after work hours, you can wear the Sophia Shirt Dress with espadrilles and a straw hat for some light reading at the beach or cocktail hour with friends. Remember to say prepare your ‘thank you’s’ for all the compliments you will get.

Effortless Dressing For Summer

Whatever your summer activities may be, a comfortable and chic dress should be a non-negotiable in your closet. We ensure that every piece is precisely what you need—comfortable, timeless, elegant. Made from sustainably sourced materials by skilled Balinese artisans, you’ll live an eternal summer while living in our pieces.

See more of our collections here.

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How to Find Your Personal Style in 5 Easy Steps

How to Find Your Personal Style in 5 Easy Steps

New Arrival: Cannes Shirt in Black

From wearing head-to-toe pastel outfits, layering T-shirts underneath rompers and dresses, to sporting tailored two-piece suits, it comes to show that style evolves with age. All about self-expression and attitude, according to the iconic Iris Apfel, it takes years to learn. Think of it like a butterfly emerging out of a cocoon. Luckily, with access to all sorts of online and offline platforms, finding your style can be done. 

Here are helpful tips for finding your personal style.

1. Do A Closet Raid

Linen RomperSahara Jumpsuit

Featured: Linen Romper, Sahara Jumpsuit

First things first, examine your closet. Think about the pieces you own that make you happy and those that you wear more often than others. Did you find a lot of neutral-tone clothes? Or perhaps you have a few tailored pieces in monochromatic colors? Did you find lots of printed pieces in flowy and feminine silhouettes? Pull these pieces out and notice what they have in common. With this, you’ll have an idea of what style you tend to go for most days.

2. Think Of Your Lifestyle and Interests

Classic Shirt Dress Cannes Shirt + Monaco Pants

Featured: Classic Shirt Dress, and Cannes Shirt + Monaco Pants

This might or might not surprise you but your lifestyle and the activities that you love doing regularly dictate your personal style. 

Do you hold a corporate day job and thus you find yourself wearing lots of tailored pieces, such as A-line skirts, crisp white button-downs, or high-waisted pants? Or maybe you lead an active lifestyle where your days mostly consist of heading to the gym, attending yoga classes, meditation, or doing high-intensity workouts? If that’s you, you might find yourself always garbed in athleisure pieces, such as yoga pants, tank tops, chic leggings, and trainers. Do you live in a city where your lifestyle requires you to dress in versatile pieces that can take you from daytime work meetings to dressy evening cocktails or gallery openings? 

Take a look at your lifestyle, job, activities, and hobbies that take up most of your day. You’ll mostly notice a pattern in the style of clothes that you tend to reach for when dressing up in the morning. This can be a dictating factor in defining your personal style.

3. Seek Inspiration

Sophia Shirt Dress Oba Wrap Dress

Featured: Sophia Shirt Dress, Oba Wrap Dress

Fashion inspiration is everywhere: magazines, social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, blogs, or even watching random people cross the street. All you have to do is look and observe your surroundings. Utilize social media for the better to find out what pieces, places, or people inspire you. If you find a celebrity, influencer, friend, or family member whose style you like, try to find more images of them. Are they mostly photographed wearing oversized yet tailored separates in neutral tones? Or perhaps they almost always wear bohemian-inspired pieces, such as paisley printed maxi dresses and hats in brown tones? 

Take note of the styles of the clothes that make your heart flutter. Those are some cues in finding your personal style. 

4. The Mood Board is Your Best Friend

Blush Floral Top Oversized Bohemian Tunic

Featured: Blush Floral Top, Oversized Bohemian Tunic



Whether they are digital or physical, mood boards are the perfect tool for style development. They serve as an inspiration and are a readily available resource for determining your personal style. Once you have an idea of the styles, icons, and pieces that you find beautiful, pull some images online (or cut them from magazines) and compile them on a fashion mood board. Your board might be a little all over the place in the beginning, but you might discover that a lot of the images you curated are wearing linen coordinates, a lot of them are wearing denim jeans, or maybe most of them are garbed in slim-fitting cut-out dresses - those pieces represent an ambient vibe you’re going for. 

5. Build That Wardrobe

Elegant Maxi Dress Limited Edition Florence Midi Dress

Featured: Elegant Maxi Dress, Limited Edition Florence Midi Dress

You do not necessarily have to build an entire wardrobe to cater to your style. If anything, recall the first step: rediscover your closet and build something from there. Remember, an uncomplicated wardrobe consists of functional and timeless pieces that are suitable during the day or at night, and items that you can wear over and over regardless of the season and occasion.

Creating a capsule wardrobe that mainly consists of those pieces you find beautiful and make you feel fantastic will help you build looks that represent your personal style. If you find runway images of tailored menswear-inspired pieces stunning, build a closet with oversized blazers, tailored yet relaxed trousers, and plain tanks that you can mix and match. The same philosophy goes if you find lots of resort wear-inspired images in your mood board - get flowy midi and maxi dresses or modern jumpsuits in simple yet stunning silhouettes, lace-up flats, and gold jewelry. The key is to stay true to those styles that make you feel amazing.

Let’s Get Styling

If you’re into tailored pieces in neutral or monochromatic tones, our selection of linen sets, jumpsuits, and shirt dresses might tickle your fancy.

Linen Jumpsuit
Satin Cropped Pants
Satin Cropped Pants
Roma Top and Monaco Pants
Linen Mini Dress

If chic bohemian-inspired pieces call you, go for maxi dresses in paisley or floral prints and full-length tiered skirt sets in voluminous shapes.

Luna Skirt Set
Luna Skirt Set
Vintage Floral Peasant Dress
On Sale: Cranberry Floral Kimono

If you’re into feminine silhouettes, plunging necklines, figure-forming yet classy and elegant styles, midi dresses that embrace the feminine figure will work well with your personal style.

Lauren Midi Dress
Willow Mini Dress
Jasmine Midi Dress
Milan Top

If you find menswear-inspired pieces alluring, oversized separates will go perfect for you. It helps to expose the neck, wrists, and ankles so the clothes wouldn’t look like they’re eating you up, especially for petite frames. Cinch your waist with a belt to help accentuate your shape. If all else fails, try to balance the shape by wearing a fitted top with an oversized bottom or vice versa.

Linen Oversized House Set
Linen Oversized House Set
Linen Tailored Jumpsuit
Cannes Shirt and Monaco Pants
Satin Wide Leg Pants
Savannah Pants
Savannah Pants


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Matching Separates for All Spring/Summer Activities You Have in Your Agenda

Matching Separates for All Spring/Summer Activities You Have in Your Agenda

Featured: Luna Skirt Set in Black

Co-ords are a fashion trend that has been around for so long yet, to this day, remains very relevant. It even comes in different monikers such as “Deux pieces” or “twin sets.” These are matching pieces that can work harder than anything else in your wardrobe, providing put-together, ready-built ensembles as well as a plethora of different combination possibilities.

These matching pieces look perfectly together with minimal styling effort. In its most basic form, the duo consists of a top and trousers or skirts or even shorts that usually come from the same fabric, color, pattern, or all three. Co-ordinating pieces can be your elevated casual look or fun formal attire. Explore knit sets for an all-day lounging or two-piece trouser sets for a put-together look. If you want a more modern chic get-up, you can try on a tank top or blazer with shorts.

At Aura, we know the importance of having coordinating pieces in your closet collection. That’s why we created matching pieces that work together well, have a life outside the pair, and can mix and match with pieces you already own.

Ahead, get inspired by these striking sets that we have rounded up for you in nailing this fashion trend.

1. Luna Skirt Set

 Luna Skirt Set in Black  Luna Skirt Set in Burnt Rose

Featured: Luna Skirt Set in Black and Burnt Rose 

Excellent for: A dinner date, lounging in a tropical resort  

Our Luna Skirt Set features an elastic cropped hem, cap sleeves, and matching tiered maxi skirt in a flowy silhouette. It comes in classic black and rich and warm terracotta shades that look gorgeous against every skin tone. You can adorn these twin sets with a lovely feather headband, fringe boho shawl, pirate chandelier earrings, and strappy sandals to achieve an effortless overall gypsy look. Or go minimal chic by wearing the pair as is and finish the look with leather flats.

2. Cannes Shirt + Monaco Pants

Cannes Shirt + Monaco PantsCannes Shirt + Monaco Pants

Featured: Cannes Shirt + Monaco Pants

Excellent for: Work affairs, lunch with friends, a dressy virtual event

Bring back the 80s trouser suit game and take your office look to a whole new form.

Channel your girl boss vibes and strike a power dressing for work with our Cannes Shirt and Monaco Pants. This look is your easy two-piece modern chic spin alternative to the standard tailored suit. This classic combination is timeless, flattering, very wearable, and perfect for all seasons.

You can wear the shirt buttoned-down and sleeves rolled up with a stylish clutch bag, strappy sandals, and pair of earrings for a relaxing after-office drink with your girls. Or team this up with an oversized white coat and belt, Panama hat, and peep-toe shoes to juxtapose womenswear and menswear looks. You can also wear these with trainers for casual streetwear on slow weekends.

3. Milan Top + Monaco Pants

Milan Top + Monaco PantsMilan Top + Monaco Pants

Featured: Milan Top + Monaco Pants

Excellent for: Drinks with friends, virtual meetings, weekend family time, lounging at home

Synchronized top and pants pairings always work well together and separately. Try it, and no doubt you are set to make a serious style statement. 

Find pieces that can effortlessly transition from desk to dinner, just like our Milan Top and Monaco Pants in the flattering oatmeal shade. These two versatile items can elevate your look no matter what venture you are in - work, holiday with girlfriends, or coffee dates. Plus, the neutral color works incredibly well across seasons. These timeless and effortless matching separates look so regal and refined yet so casual and effortless. Flaunt your shoulders (and tan) with this halter top that features a stunning wrap-around detail. In comparison, the elegant wide-legged pants are chic everyday trousers with impressive mother-of-pearl button detailing and a comfortable hidden elastic waistband. Both are carefully crafted from the highest quality of 100% linen, making it beautifully soft and durable.

Turn heads by finishing the look with a nude lip, classy and very modern black flat sandals, and a statement clutch.

4. Linen Oversized House Set

Linen Oversized House SetLinen Oversized House Set

Featured: Linen Oversized House Set

Excellent for: Staying in at home, weekend farm market runs, coffee dates

Matching coordinates are fabulous because they take the hassle out of finding pieces that look great together, leaving you with the simple task of finding a coordinated two-piece article that perfectly demonstrates your unique style and personality. And somewhere out there, there is always a matching set that will befit you exactly.

Check out our Linen Oversized House Set, a combination of comfortable and high-quality linen top and shorts that can pass on as a safari explorer chic look. This neutral pairing is perfect for minimalist dressers and can complement any skin tone. The top-and-shorts pairing is comfortably roomy but still has a structure that creates clean and crisp lines. The shirt’s boxy silhouette complements the slightly baggy cut off the bottoms.

5. Grace Top and Shorts

Grace Top and ShortsGrace Top and Shorts

Featured: Grace Top and Shorts

Excellent for: Weekday brunch with the ladies, a day full of shopping

We have come to know two-piece matching sets as tailored suiting, jackets with trousers or skirts. But for summer and resort wear, matching selections have expanded beyond the remit. They’re easy to wear and even much easier to put together.

Redefine your summer looks by putting together cooling and effortless pieces like variations of crop tops and matching linen shorts that can make the hot and humid weather more tolerable. These pieces also suit your everyday activities - from WFH, meetings, lunch, or seaside strolls. A white linen two-piece set is the height of chic. 

Our white linen pair Grace Top and Shorts will allow you to indulge in lounging while not sacrificing style. The Grace Top is crafted from high-quality linen and cotton. This cropped top comes with a stylish drawstring hem that lets you adjust how loose or tight you want it to look and feel. Whether you wear it relaxed or fitted, pair this with a maxi pencil skirt or the matching Grace Shorts for an unbeatable spring/summer look. 

Need more options? Check out our new arrivals for more two-piece matching sets and other timeless selections.

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Fashion Meets Function: the Stylish and Practical Items You Need

Fashion Meets Function: the Stylish and Practical Items You Need

Featured: Lauren Midi Dress

Social media drives our desire for instant gratification. Influencers on TikTok and Instagram persuade us to buy all sorts of stuff that we get rid of months down the road. In a trend-filled world, we should remind ourselves that function and needs forever outweigh wants. When it comes to fashion, quality trumps quality. Ultimately, incorporating timeless pieces -- white shirts, form-fitting trousers, and comfortable loafers -- is vital if you want to build a functional yet fashionable wardrobe.

Are you ready to be your most fashionable self? Read this article and find out what makes a functional wardrobe!

The Perennial White Tee

Relaxed Crop Shirt

Featured: Relaxed Crop Shirt

The white shirt is an item that immediately comes to mind when we think of timeless pieces. One of the most functional wardrobe staples, it looks beautiful on anyone and is wearable any time of year. Styling options are endless, too. You can layer it underneath a maxi dress or use it as a beach cover-up. 

 Savannah Top Cannes Shirt

Featured: Savannah Top and Cannes Shirt

The Relaxed Crop Shirt and Savannah Top are two must-haves for women who gravitate towards slouchier silhouettes. Whether you live in the tropics or spend half the year in a country with temperate climates, this is a piece that will be on heavy rotation no matter your style.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Cannes Shirt. Albeit more formal than the other two tops, we love how its sheerness can bring an element of fun to any look. You can opt to style it with a pair of trousers and heels for smart-casual events or loose trousers and sandals for a fun beach weekend getaway.

THE Black Dress

 Willow Mini DressIris Floral Wrap Dress

Featured: Willow Mini Dress and Iris Floral Wrap Dress 

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring one clothing item, the little black dress (LBD) is the first thing that automatically comes to mind. The epitome of timeless, functional, and sophistication, this wardrobe staple is suitable for any occasion - from weddings to weekend brunches - and looks flattering on any woman, no matter her height or shape. Versatile, you can pair this with heels or a pair of white sneakers and still look polished and put-together.

As Karl Lagerfeld says, “one is never overdressed or under-dressed in a little black dress.”

Lauren Midi DressJasmine Midi Dress

Featured: Lauren Midi Dress and Jasmine Midi Dress

Uncomplicated, unassuming, and minimal are three qualities we love most about black dresses. Whether figure-hugging or loose and flowy, it’s an item that makes a woman feel most beautiful and elegant.

If you find yourself gravitating towards unstructured and flowy dresses, the Willow Mini Dress and Iris Floral Wrap Dress are for you. Princess-like meets modern chic, style this with a pair of shin-length boots or platform sneakers for a bit of an edge.

The epitome of bold and sexy is the Lauren Midi Dress. It is a flapper girl meets sophisticate, a crowd-pleaser that features a deep v-neck and intricate detailing. The more versatile option out of the three is this laidback Jasmine Midi Dress. A mix of casual and boho, use this as a focal point for any eclectic or dainty accessories. 

The Little White Dress 

Linen Midi Dress

Featured: Linen Midi Dress

One’s location is a factor that comes into play when dressing up and white dresses come in clutch when wearing black isn’t an option. Fresh and carefree, it’s a great foundational piece to start with and compliments any color -- be it black or crimson red. In addition to that, you can opt to pair with all kinds of shoes, from sneakers to gladiator sandals. 

Paolita DressClassic Tiered Maxi Dress

Featured: Paolita Dress and Classic Tiered Maxi Dress

Who says white is strictly for Labor Day? Contrary to popular belief, white dresses are a seasonal must-have. It is the fresher version of the ever-classic black dress. There are various styles to choose from -- be it a mini linen dress or one made of silk. Easy-going, think of it as the foundation staple for any look.

Are you on the hunt for summertime-appropriate dresses? If the answer is yes, choose one out of the following: the Linen Midi Dress, Paolita Dress, and Classic Tiered Maxi Dress. These look striking against a beautiful golden glow and are perfect whether you are going out during the day or at night. The ultimate transitional pieces, style them with a comfy pair of boat shoes or those killer pair of heels you hardly wear.

Jumpsuits for Effortless Elegance

Linen Jumpsuit in WhiteLinen Jumpsuit in Black

Featured: Linen Jumpsuit in White and Black 

Also known as jumpsuits, rompers are essential in every wardrobe. Functional, they are perfect when you are rushing, do not know what to wear, and come with pockets. It’s every woman’s dream. Dressy meets casual, pair this wardrobe staple with sandals or loafers if you prefer a laid-back look or heels if polished and put-together is what you are after.

 Bella Romper in Nude Bella Romper in White

Featured: Bella Romper in Nude and White

The wonderful thing about rompers is they come in various styles, from short to low rise. Whether you are tall or on the petite side, you won’t have trouble finding the right one.

Ladies on the more statuesque side may want to go for the Linen Jumpsuit. Stylish, functional, and comfortable, it’s the perfect transitional piece that can carry a daytime look into the evening. 

As stunning and comfortable is the Bella Romper. Oversized rompers are ideal for women who prefer boxy fits over cinched waists. However, we recommend getting both styles so you can get creative when styling them.

High-Waisted Pants for a Daily Chic Look

Milan Top and Monaco Pants

Featured: Milan Top and Monaco Pants

If there’s a specific pair that looks fantastic no matter your height and body shape, it’s high-waisted trousers. Visually flattering, high-waisted trousers give off a slimming effect without making the waist appear too cinched, and most importantly, don’t slide off. In addition to that, they are available in an array of fabrics -- from linen to stretch denim -- and provide extra coverage. 

Roma Top, Monaco Pants in Black Milan Top

Featured: Roma Top, Monaco Pants in Black and Tuscan, Milan Top

A customer favorite is the Milan Top. Classy and timeless, it elegantly accentuates a woman’s upper body and is versatile enough to be worn during the day or at night. Equally stunning is the Roma Top. On the more casual side, it features a flattering square neckline and is comfortable enough to move around in.

Both tops are available in four colors, which makes mixing and matching outfits fun and creative. 

Feminine Maxi Dresses

Blush Floral Wrap Dress

Featured: Blush Floral Wrap Dress 

Think of a maxi dress as the ideal one-and-done lazy day outfit. It exudes comfort, provides the perfect amount of coverage, and looks breathtaking on all body types. The ultimate transitional piece,  you can go from wearing it casually during the day then incorporate a bolder item to jazz it up at night. 

 Luna Skirt Set Arielle Maxi Dress

Featured: Luna Skirt Set and Arielle Maxi Dress 

The Blush Floral Wrap Dress, Luna Skirt Set and Arielle Maxi Dess  is an elegant and contemporary take on the classic maxi dress. It’s perfect for all sorts of occasions -- from your colleague’s baby shower to a beachside dinner date. Simple and elegant, it is sure to come in handy and doesn’t disappoint.

On the fun and bolder side is the delicate Chic Floral Maxi Dress. This ultimate statement piece beautifully hugs the body and gives off the most beautiful silhouette. If casual is what you’re after, we recommend investing in the Apricot Shirt Dress. Practical, it’s ideal for your next holiday, or if you want something that makes you feel instantly put together.

Unleash Your Inner Fashionista 

The key to building a fashionable and functional wardrobe is finding good-quality pieces that can be worn numerous ways and are perfect for different occasions. Purge your closet, keep the basics and build something from there!

Discover our new arrivals here.

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Curate Your Look With These 5 Reliable Pieces from Our Collection

Curate Your Look With These 5 Reliable Pieces from Our Collection

To be fashionable is not always about mastering the most remarkable trends, donning the most expensive outfits, or adapting complicated styling tricks. The key to being stylish is to strut that confidence. Being fashionable is all about finding the pieces that will make you look good, feel good, and confident in all ways. Our everyday fashion style is about our attitude as it is the clothes and accessories we wear.

You can build up your confidence in your style with fashion by investing in reliable wardrobe staples that you can mix and match, wear and re-wear, and can stand the test of time.

Aura encapsulates the art of fashion by creating pieces that speak of versatility, simplicity, and longevity. Versatility means having clothing pieces that you can mix and match for an extended period and still come up with something fresh or new look. Then simplicity is all about having go-to outfits that don’t need much effort or thinking. Finally, longevity means having ensembles that are timeless that you can rework or restyle over time.

We rounded up five reliable pieces of clothing that we handpicked from our collection for which you can wear whether for learning, yearning, flirting, working, and even twerking by wearing them in many creative ways.

1. Milan Top

Milan Top + Monaco Pants in BlackMilan Top + Florence Shorts

Featured: Milan Top + Monaco Pants in Black and Milan Top + Florence Shorts

First on our list is our  Milan Top. This elegant and timeless top features a stunning wrap-style halter neckline and tie-front detailing.

This sexy top is so versatile, and it can go from casual to formal look dramatically. You can pair this with our Florence Shorts and add on slippers, tote bags, sunglasses, and headscarves for a walk on the beach. Or you can change up your slippers with a pair of white sneakers and put on a belt bag and nice small pair of earrings for an effortless street style look.

The Milan Top is perfect for work from home set up and pairing this with our Monaco Pants and layering it with an oversized coat and belt. From creation to party, look chic on a tapas and wine night by changing the pants to a circular, gypsy, or asymmetrical skirt, and put on some dangling earrings and a nice pair of coned heeled sandals.

2. Cranberry Floral Kimono

Cranberry Floral Kimono

Featured: Cranberry Floral Kimono

The best fashion items are the ones that can be worn time after time and reimagine in many ways without sacrificing comfort elegance. 

A Kimono is an article of clothing that strikes both beauty and grace in such a nice-looking and relaxed kind of way. Plus, there are many ways on how to make a kimono complement your style.

Take, for instance, our very own Cranberry Floral Kimono, and this is the added touch that seals your fashion look. It features a deep botanical look that can effortlessly add a bohemian touch to any style.

Add a dressier feel to your denim jeans by simply putting on a Kimono jacket over it. Wear the kimono as a top and make it look like a blouse by wrapping around a belt to it. Rock your bohemian street style looks by juxtaposing graphic tees, printed kimonos, and fringe booties. Explore and experiment by pairing a kimono over a fixed box pleat skirt.

3. Linen Jumpsuit

Linen Jumpsuit in White

Featured: Linen Jumpsuit in White

Probably we will never get tired of saying that having a good jumpsuit is an excellent addition to your wardrobe. Can dress it up for special events by adding the right shoes and accessories, or it can be dressed down for casual events while still being stylish. By selecting the fitting jumpsuit and styling and accessorizing it creatively, you will feel confident and classy in your outfit.

Our Linen Jumpsuit is a fashion that meets functionality with a bit of a hint of sexiness. It is a classic long jumpsuit with a square neckline, thin straps, and a contemporary relaxed silhouette.

Accessories aren’t the only styling tool to help you nail a jumpsuit. Layering is another way to help you feel comfortable while looking great. One of the easiest ways is to layer it with a jacket on top. Grab a leather jacket for a more casual outing or shove on a nice blazer for formal events. You can both wear these as belts during the day to add shape definition. 

Another is layering a top underneath the jumpsuit to add more character. Wear it with an off-shoulder floral top underneath to boost a dainty and feminine look. Or fire up even more than a sexy look by wearing a bodycon spaghetti strap top or a sports bra. For colder days, you can opt to wear a turtle neck or long button-down sleeves. Add a pair of pointy stilettos to add a fiercer look, plus the additional height you will receive from heels will help lengthen your legs and make you appear taller and slender.

4. Satin Cropped Pants

Satin Cropped PantsSatin Cropped Pants

Featured: Satin Cropped Pants

What started as a pure Italian style trait has now become a global fashion trend. Originated from the Florentine flamboyants, cropped pants are a trendy trouser choice with a hemline that ends just above the ankle. Different styles of cropped pants work better for other occasions, weather conditions, and body types. 

Androgynous yet tailored to suit your feminine, chic style. Our Satin Cropped Pants is menswear meets womenswear trouser that features a structured boyfriend cut silhouette that goes perfectly with your button-downs, basic tees, and silk camis. It has a tapered waist and hemline that provides that city chic girl charm.

Finish the look by pairing it with show-stopping heels and accessorize it with a chunky bracelet to poised a slightly grungy edge to your overall look.

5. Sophia Shirt Dress

Sophia Dress Shirt in Terracotta

Featured: Sophia Dress Shirt in Terracotta

Part shirt, part dress but all style, dress shirts aren’t just for fancy events, and they can also be the bread and butter of your everyday looks. It can be a tall order to nail down the perfect style and fit with all the different options. Make a shirt dress flattering by leaving some buttons open or wearing a bandage under it. You can wear it also as beachwear or a cover-up. It’s easy, vibrant, and stylish that is a great option to pack if you’re heading for a summer vacation.

Your summer wardrobe is never complete without a classic shirt dress, and our Linen version indeed makes a case for it. Our Sophia Dress Shirt in Terracotta comes from luxurious linen blended with premium cotton. Wear this buttoned-down beauty loose for a relaxed look or cinched at the waist for a silhouette that’s understated yet polished.

Need more options? Check out and shop for more fashionable looks here.

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Incorporating Plains and Prints Into Your Wardrobe

Incorporating Plains and Prints Into Your Wardrobe

Featured: Fleur Mini Wrap Dress



Focus on sustainability and wear clothes that spark joy

Hoarding is the norm in this consumer-driven world. We buy for the sake of it and end up giving stuff up months or years down the road. Fashion is no exception.

The solution? Invest in sustainable pieces that will last long term and build a minimalist wardrobe. Not to be confused with a capsule wardrobe, a minimalist wardrobe is more flexible, and those who go by this approach focus on pieces that they love. It is about self-awareness and basing your clothing off of your lifestyle with pieces that won't go outdated. 

Are you ready to reinvent your style? Follow along and find ways to incorporate plains and prints into your wardrobe!

Start Off With The Basics

Cannes Shirt

Featured: Cannes Shirt 


Plain colors like black, white, red, and blue provide a solid foundation for future pieces. Safe, versatile, and easy to work with, they look flattering on any skin tone and make you feel sophisticated and put-together. Ultimately, building your wardrobe off of basics gives you the chance to express creativity and experiment more with color.

 Relaxed Cropped Shirt Tailored Linen Shorts and Edith Shorts

Featured: Relaxed Cropped Shirt, Tailored Linen Shorts and Edith Shorts


We recommend mixing darks and lights as opposed to going for a full-on monochromatic look. It’s a fun way to experiment with tones and hues and pair something relaxed and structured. 

The Cannes Shirt and Florence Shorts is one of our favorite combinations to date. Perfect for the spring and summertime, it shows that loose-fitting pieces can beautifully compliment something on the more structured side. White is a good base color because it’s so versatile and, when paired with the green shorts, brings that freshness to the overall look.

The Relaxed Cropped Shirt pairs beautifully with the Tailored Linen Shorts or Edith Shorts if you are after something loose-fitting. Available in different colors, you can mix and match basics depending on the kind of vibe you’re going for that day.

Incorporate Pieces of the Same Color Family

 Satin Cropped Pants

Featured: Satin Cropped Pants

Contrary to popular belief, incorporating pieces in the same color palette is a thing. Also known as tonal dressing, it is a way in which you can subtly incorporate color into your wardrobe. If you’re into green, this means adding tones like basil, chartreuse, and olive. Ultimately, playing around with shades instead of going in with a straight-up color is a fun way to switch things up.

 Linen Pants

Featured: Linen Pants



Pink is a beautiful experimental color. Although commonly associated with femininity, it is versatile and can turn a fun look into something more put-together. This neutral-toned shirt and Satin Cropped Pants combo is proof that a color's tones and hues pair nicely without looking odd. Another option is pairing a top with animal print with the Linen Pants. The pants match a shade on the top, giving off an accentuated vibe.

Prints as a Statement Piece 

Cranberry Floral Kimono

Featured: Cranberry Floral Kimono

Our moods affect the way we dress. There are days when we want to be easy-going, opting for a classic white t-shirt and denim shorts combo. However, there will also be days when we want to gravitate towards something bolder, an example being a graphic tee and leather pants or a bright fuchsia top and orange power suit combo.

If you find yourself wanting to branch out and elevate your monochromatic look, maybe invest in pieces like wraps or kimonos. It is a way to introduce something traditional into a modern look and get creative. Aura’s Cranberry Floral Kimono is a crowd-pleaser because of its bohemian flair, and it perfectly complements monochromatic and neutral pieces.

Here Comes The Monochrome

Linen Oversized House Set

Featured: Linen Oversized House Set

The monochromatic trend has been around for ages. Clean and simple, this kind of look can be as show-stopping as your boldest pieces. You can incorporate elements in different shades and textures to come up with something that suits you. It could be a black semi-sheer button-down and a pair of mid-length shorts or a little black dress paired with a loose blazer. Styling options are endless, and you can use certain elements to accentuate your features.

Cannes Shirt,  Monaco Pants Monaco Pants and Roma Top

Featured: Cannes Shirt,  Monaco Pants and Roma Top

Monochromatic outfits look beautiful no matter what color they come in, be it black, purple, or hot pink. We recommend going for a shade that suits your features to avoid looking washed out. 

This neutral  Linen Oversized House Set is for those who are into oversized loungewear. Exuding comfort, you’ll have no problem wearing it all day -- whether you’re out and about or chilling at home. Versatile is this pair of Monaco Pants. You can pair it with the Cannes Shirt if you’re into the more structured look or the  Roma Top for something that exudes comfort without being too loose-fitting.

The One and Done Print

Striped Midi Dress

Featured: Striped Midi Dress

Putting a top and bottom combo together can be time-consuming. It’s why a lot of women opt for dresses. Aside from exuding comfort and versatility, this stand-alone outfit looks good no matter what. As beautiful as the little black and white dresses are, there are times when we want to wear something on the bolder side. 



Printed dresses come in an array of styles and colors -- be it florals against blue or black and white gingham -- so you don’t have to put too much effort into styling. Serving as the outfit’s focal point, you can pair it with some white sneakers and finish things off with jewelry. 

Chic Floral Maxi Dress Fleur Midi Dress

Featured: Chic Floral Maxi Dress and Fleur Midi Dress

This beautiful Striped Midi Dress can go from easy-going to dressy in a matter of seconds. Perfect for pool-side lounging or weekend nights out, this versatile piece looks good no matter what. 

Be Yourself, Don’t Follow The Crowd

Fashion and creativity go hand-in-hand, and there is nothing more fun than incorporating different pieces to create a look. Whether your wardrobe consists of plains or prints, or a mix of both, it will help you figure out what you like and learn to dress boldly!

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Trans-Seasonal Looks: Fashion Ensembles for In-Between Seasons

Trans-Seasonal Looks: Fashion Ensembles for In-Between Seasons

Some 50 years ago, fast fashion companies created a tactic to push consumerism during the Industrial Revolution, requiring people to update their wardrobe constantly. This tactic is called Micro Seasons. Fashion corporations make new styles rapidly so that consumers’ current clothes go out of style at the same rate. This pushes the consumers to buy new, cheaper clothes constantly. Over time this practice hurt the environment. Thankfully, designers and fashion factories become conscious of their surroundings and changing times that trans-seasonal outfits are born. 

With the rising concern in climate change and environmental issues, plus this unprecedented time we live in, trans-seasonal fashion is what we need now more than ever. It not only is beneficial to the environment, but it can also literally weather down temperamental seasons and can last over time.

Simply put, these pieces are fashion basics that you can wear in between seasons and in most kinds of weather.

In Aura, almost all our creations are trans-seasonal. We create well-thought designs so you can style and reimagine them in many ways. Moreover, our clothes are crafted consciously using sustainable materials that help reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Here are some of these iterations that we pre-select for you:

1. Cannes Shirt

Cannes ShirtCannes Shirt + Monaco Pants

Featured: Cannes Shirt + Florence Shorts in Sage and Cannes Shirt + Monaco Pants

Long-sleeved blouses give a little more coverage than your basic T-shirt but are light enough to layer under jackets and oversized cardigans. 

A long-sleeved cotton shirt is suitable for a sunny day as well as for rainy, chilly days, just like our Cannes Shirt. You can wear this timeless and multifunctional piece buttoned-down and tied in front with our Florence Shorts in Sage that fit a sexy summer vibe during warmer days. On the other hand, you can wear it buttoned up and match it with our Monaco Pants during rainy or colder days. However you wear it, overall, it gives off a total chic trans-seasonal look.

2. Roma Top

 Roma Top + Florence Shorts in TuscanMonaco Pants in Tuscan

Featured: Roma Top + Florence Shorts in Tuscan / Monaco Pants in Tuscan

A nice sleeveless top is also an excellent addition to your wardrobe. Sleeveless tops are comfortable to wear when basking in delight under the scorching sun and easy to layer with on windy times. 

Designed for those who know their style and make their trends, the elegant Roma Top is a comfortable loose top with a flattering square neckline. You can wear this as is with vintage-style jeans and a denim jacket. Pieces of denim are another perfect trans-seasonal pairing. The vintage-style jeans, in particular, provide the versatile hue and forgiving shape that work pretty much with anything. You can also layer the Roma Top with tight-fitting long sleeves underneath and the Florence Shorts in Tuscan for a more on-the-go look at the onset of cooler months. Lastly, Roma Top goes perfectly well with the Monaco Pants in Tuscan, whether for a relaxed lounging during the day or a chill veranda outing at night.

3. Florence Midi Dress

Florence Midi Dress

Featured: Florence Midi Dress

One simple sundress can transcend all fashion seasons. A midi dress is a solid fashion investment, no matter what the season. It is the most versatile and easy to wear piece. Soft, flowy, airy, and light floral printed dress is all you need to serve a transitional look.

Our limited edition Florence Midi Dress is an exquisite piece that features a beautiful print in warm, earthy hues. We use flowy rayon fabric that complements the flattering V-neckline. These smocked shoulder straps allow you to adjust the strap width, a cinched waist that helps create a form-hugging figure, and a subtly pleated hem rendering graceful movements. This delicate piece is perfect for dressier functions and excellent for both daytime and evening occasions.

Throw on a lovely kimono and a cover headscarf to complete a dazzling boho look for spring/summer. On the other hand, put on a nice knitted sweater and over-knee boots when the fall-winter comes.

4. Satin Wide Leg Pant

Satin Wide Leg PantSatin Wide Leg Pant

Featured: Satin Wide Leg Pant

Pants are great for all year round – dress them up or down; they’re perfect for mix and match and layering.

Our Satin Wide Leg Pant is perfect for all seasons. It is a hassle-free and flexible garment that can suit all women of shapes and sizes. Its elastic waist offers comfort and ease. One can go from casual to professional in a second. Its fabric is a blend of 50% tightly woven satin for its softness and 50% viscose rayon known for its moisture-wicking properties.

You can team this up with a tucked button-down boyfriend shirt for sizzling and captivating summer wear or put on lacy lingerie and an oversized coat for more extraordinary formal wear, perfect for cooler weather. You can also rock this one with a chunky cardigan if you need a bit of extra warmth or with a chic jacket for something dressier.

5. Daisy Wrap Dress

Daisy Wrap Dress

Featured: Daisy Wrap Dress

The wrap dress is an iconic fashion piece that dates back decades ago. Its power force lies in its being universally flattering and comfortable. It is very versatile in that it can sweep through the day and night quickly. Nowadays, brands and designers alike are reinterpreting the classic style, toying with hemlines and different types of fabric. With many options available, you can easily find one that feels like it’s made just for you.

A wrap dress is a perfect addition to complete your array of trans-seasonal essentials. It can simultaneously look sophisticated, stylish, and modern that can toss around different seasons. Plus, it’s been popular for decades; hence, it will never go out of style.

Our Daisy Wrap Dress features an elevated basic look - classic, chic, and straightforward. This dress provides effortless elegance with a loose wrap fit and long sleeves. You can wear this as a cover-up to brightly colored swimwear or alone for modern yet minimalist resortwear. You can also wear this on top of your types of denim, jeggings, or stockings for balmy days.

Click here if you want to stay up to date with our latest offerings and creative curations.

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Colors to Look Out for This Spring

Colors to Look Out for This Spring

Featured: Lauren Midi Dress

Springtime is finally upon us, and it’s time to switch your wardrobe around. 

Studies show that spending too much time indoors affects our overall health. Factors such as irritability, prolonged sleep disturbance, and feeling unmotivated are some examples. Luckily, things are looking up, and after gravitating towards our comfiest loungewear and living in pajamas for over a year, it’s time to up the ante and freshen our wardrobes up. 

If there’s a season that represents new beginnings, it’s spring. Synonymous to art’s Renaissance period, it’s a time of change and fresh starts. When it comes to clothing, we could all use a pick-me-up. Follow along and discover the colors you can incorporate into your wardrobe.

1. Color and Print Blocking

Fleur Midi Dress

Featured: Fleur Midi Dress

You can find your style through experimenting with different methods. Two of which are color-blocking and playing around with prints. A way you can incorporate colors from opposite ends of the spectrum to create a variety of looks. It's as easy as adding solid blocks of blue and orange or reds and pinks, but you can also opt to pair a heavily printed dress with boots.

Vintage Floral PeasantMoroccan Wrap Dress

Featured: Vintage Floral Peasant and Moroccan Wrap Dress


 The color-blocking method is proof that you can juxtapose pieces to create your style and aesthetic. Fashion should be fun, and going against trends is perfectly fine. Be yourself and wear whatever your heart desires!

Pick a focal color, such as black, brown, or red, then work your way up and build something off of that. Pairing the Fleur Midi Dress with a pair of black boots shows that girlier pieces such as dresses can be edgy when worn with a unisex item. You can also spice up the look by wearing a pair of black sunnies.

Using a printed clothing piece as the look’s focal point is another interesting take on the color-blocking method. These outfits featuring the earthy-toned Vintage Floral Peasant Dress and Moroccan Wrap Dress show that bohemian and comfort can meet somewhere in the middle.

2. Bold Red

Lauren Midi Dress

Featured: Lauren Midi Dress 

Commonly associated with energy, prosperity, and success is the color red. Exuding warmth and positivity, it looks great on everyone and helps us get noticed when out and about. Being a vibrant color, we highly recommend basing your entire look off of it. One example could be using this elegant Lauren Midi Dress as a focal point and pairing it with  light-colored shoes and accessories. However, you can also opt for an all-red ensemble too.

3. Vibrant Orange

Classic Shirt Dress

Featured: Classic Shirt Dress

Orange is a color associated with friendliness and creativity, and those who wear it give off a positive vibe. It’s also exciting to work with and perfect if you want to inject a pop of color into your look without being too bold.

Linen Mini Dress Sophia Shirt Dress

Featured: Linen Mini Dress and Sophia Shirt Dress

Reminiscent of burnt orange, rusty ginger is a shade that looks beautiful on all skin tones. Whether you are fair-skinned or have an olive complexion, injecting this color into your wardrobe will be a piece of cake. 

Foolproof is this soft and flowy rayon Classic Shirt Dress. Versatile, it can be worn at home or on a night out with the girls. Other options, especially if you live in a warmer climate, are the Linen Mini Dress and the Sophia Shirt Dress. If you want to go all out, match your lips and cheeks to either dress when you’re out and about. It’s a great way to bring a look together.

4. Pearly Whites

Linen Romper

Featured:  Linen Romper 

Bid your darker clothing pieces adieu - it’s time to spice up your life. As versatile and visually stunning as its black counterpart is the color white. Fresh, it’s perfect for the hotter days to come and looks good with anything and everything. From your denim shorts to a neon mini skirt, you’ll never run out of styling ideas.

 Linen Midi DressRuffled Wrap Dress

Featured: Linen Midi Dress and Ruffled Wrap Dress

Choosing something to wear can be painstaking at times, and like you, we sometimes find ourselves picking something random and instantly call it a day. However, fashion expresses who we are and who wants to be known for being lazy? We know we don’t!

If you find yourselves on the same boat, take this as a sign to sport a romper. This easy-going and relaxed clothing piece can be worn as a stand-alone outfit or paired with a casual button-down. One of our favorites is the Linen Romper. The best of both worlds, it’s the epitome of classy and put-together while being slouchy enough to move around in.

Dresses are a great alternative if you’re after something as relaxed and breathable. Go for the Linen Midi Dress if you’ve got lunch plans with your girls or the Ruffled Wrap Dress for an intimate night out with your partner. Swap the heels for some slip-ons or gladiator sandals and you’re good to go!

5. Neutrals

Elegant Maxi Dress

Featured: Elegant Maxi Dress

Neutrals can serve as a gateway for women who want to be more fashion-forward. Colors such as ivory, beige, oatmeal, and olive are versatile and can be mixed and matched with an array of tones and hues. Whether they're worn together or with darker pieces, it gives you a chance to experiment with pieces you already own.

Roma Top and Florence Shorts

Featured: Roma Top and Florence Shorts

The  Elegant Maxi Dress can be worn no matter where you’re going and what you’re doing, be it just lounging at home or while out running errands. Being a neutral green, it can go with an array of colors and compliments all skin tones. Styling-wise, keep this as your outfit’s focal point and opt to accessorize with a bag and pair of shoes on the neutral side. Oatmeal and ivory are beautiful options.

A top and trouser combo looks just as beautiful, too. We recommend the Roma Top and Florence Shorts because of the comfortable fit and light material. On the lighter side, you can pair this outfit with a more solid-colored shoe (think black or dark brown) and a somewhat darker bag for a more balanced look.

We Love New Beginnings

The springtime serves as a reminder that new beginnings come after dark periods. It occurs after the wintertime, after all. Celebrate this new beginning by incorporating colors you normally wouldn’t gravitate towards into your wardrobe. Be open to reinvention and have fun experimenting!

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Passion in Fashion: A Zoom Into Taylor Lashae’s Nostalgic and Timeless Style, Aura’s French-Colombian Muse

Passion in Fashion: A Zoom Into Taylor Lashae’s Nostalgic and Timeless Style, Aura’s French-Colombian Muse

There is something so captivating about this Texas-born, L.A.-bred French/Colombian It girl whose smart antics, eccentric style, and quirky personality that capture the hearts of her 900k Instagram followers. She is serious and funny, close and distant, magnetic and unattainable at the same time.  And yes, we are talking about the genuinely passionate, the realist, and unique Taylor Lashae, a true and iconic Aura Muse.

She is a Jane of all of the coolest trades, and she is very passionate about everything that she does. May it be in acting, modeling, traveling, and whatnots. Not a surprise, as this girl carries that strong cultural passion coming from her French and Colombian roots.

Nostalgic and Timeless are the best words to describe Taylor Lashae’s fashion style. Admittedly she gets her inspiration from old cinema, poetry, Polaroid films, and whatever can revive memories and induce sentimental feelings. She even once said that she is romanticizing living in Paris in the 60s. For her, it’s all about being classic, feminine and free.

Just like Taylor, Aura is all about classic pieces that boast elegance and sophistication without actually overdoing it. We anchor our designs for empowered modern women who put their femininity at a vantage point.

Be spontaneous and playful, just like Taylor and try on some of the pieces we put together to match her look.

Alluring Maxi Dress

Moroccan Wrap DressVintage Floral Peasant Dress

Taylor Lashae photo credits: Pinterest; Featured: Moroccan Wrap Dress.

A savvy sassy lass like Taylor can always look immaculately fiery in any maxi dress. This form-fitting ensemble is easy to throw on, chic, and cut to flow over a woman’s body, any type or size. She is imbibing that true Parisian style. Taylor partners these maxi dresses in her signature berets and heeled boots.

You can play up with this look by trying on our Parisian Floral Maxi Dress, a romantic piece that transcends the floral trends of spring and the sunshine vibes of summer. On the other hand, if you opt for more graphic designs, you can try our Vintage Floral Peasant Dress. This maxi dress is rich in design, comfort, and style that is not subtle. We also have the Moroccan Wrap Dress, an easy-on, easy-off free-flowing maxi. It features luxurious rayon voile fabric that drapes effortlessly on the woman’s body.

 Parisian Floral Maxi DressVintage Floral Peasant Dress

Featured:  Parisian Floral Maxi Dress, and  Vintage Floral Peasant Dress

Oversized Tops

Oversized Bohemian TunicOversized Bohemian Tunic

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Taylor Lashae undeniably embodies a true French Girl Style.  She prefers timeless, high quality, and minimalist basics like oversized tops that can last for a very long time and can often re-wear and re-style.

If you’re like Taylor, who loves the drama but still adores minimalism, our Oversized Bohemian Tunic top is perfect for you. It marries the aesthetic of minimalists with its flair and eccentricity of maximalism. It is the perfect juxtaposition of two opposing trends. But if you want to stick with straight A classic style, the Cannes Shirt is right up. It is considered a timeless piece that features a stunning sleeve detailing mother of pearl buttons which you can wear buttoned up or down or even knotted. These oversized tops are best to pair with your neutral-toned leather skirts, slacks with suspenders, or with your cropped pants.

Cannes shirtOversized Bohemian Tunic

Featured: Cannes shirt and Oversized Bohemian Tunic


 Linen JumpsuitLinen Tailored

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Taylor Lashae is all about real passion and creating a vibe when it comes to her craft. She always tries to keep her inspiration genuine and pure. She doesn’t like anything that is posed or staged. Her perspective and attitude are very modern, and she is highly regarded for this by fashion and beauty brands that strive to work with her in whatever conditions she agrees on.

The same is accurate with her fashion style; she believes fashion is an expression and not a definition. That’s why her fashion style leans towards aesthetics that look effortless, undone but always a fashionable one. 

Jumpsuits are the most effortless outfits to put on to achieve a striking yet straightforward put-together look. Our basic Linen Jumpsuit and the Linen Tailored do just like that – clean, nonchalant, wearable, functional yet very chic and will not go out of style. These jumpsuits both offer ease, comfort, and a relaxed manner. 

 Linen JumpsuitLinen Tailored

Featured: Linen Jumpsuit and Linen Tailored

Slip Dress

Slip Dress

Photo Credits: Pinterest

In fashion, we can never fully talk about femininity, timeless and sentimental pieces without mentioning slip dresses. And Taylor Leshae knows how to rock any kind of slip dress any time and on any occasion.

This 90s staple wardrobe fits perfectly well with Taylor’s petite French physique alongside her French bob, classic red lips, and beret. 

Our Linen Midi Dress is a classic and straightforward type of versatile slip dress that exudes an effortlessly chic vibe anywhere and anytime. It has a square neckline and thin shoulder straps that won’t go out of style. It also has a side slit that implies the right amount of sexiness.

Linen Midi Dress in Burnt OrangeLinen Midi Dress in White

Featured: Linen Midi Dress in Burnt Orange and White


Linen Midi Dress in OatLinen Midi Dress in Olive

Featured: Linen Midi Dress in Oat and Olive

Charming Separates

Charming Separates

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When it comes to separates, Taylor does not do much research and indeed not obsessing about finding the best of the best. She loves to mix and match, loves to do trial and error to achieve a more aesthetically appropriate combination.

Taylor Leshae chooses sexy cutouts that are enough to show a little bit of skin without losing that sense of elegance and sophistication.

One of the chicest ways to wear separates is to don a vivid top-to-toe shade, whether it’ll be bright or neutral colors. Another is to match the right silhouettes together - slim cuts to slim cuts and classic cuts with classic ones. Our Savannah Top and Pants are classic-cut separates that complement each other perfectly. This top and pants pairing can go easily from work to laid-back outfits depending on the time of the day. 

Savannah Top and PantsSavannah Top and Pants

Featured: Savannah Top and Pants


We also have the slim-cut separates, our Grace Top and Shorts that allow you to indulge in sexy luxe loungewear. This pair comes from a luxurious linen and cotton blend fabric that is so comfortable you’ll never want to get out of them, ever.

Grace Top and ShortsGrace Top and Shorts

Featured: Grace Top and Shorts

Quietly elegant, sophisticated yet natural, Taylor Lashae truly has a lot to teach the world in terms of class and style, and there’s no doubt that women across the globe are ready and eager to listen.

If you are stoked and pump up to know more about how we curate pieces to match the latest style trends, you may check our Get The Look section.

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